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18th September 2017BlogTom Richards

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Performance, efficiency, control: software-defined storage from Northdoor and IBM

If your infrastructure is growing in size and complexity, but unable to adapt quickly to new requirements, Northdoor can help. Using IBM’s market-leading Spectrum software-defined storage portfolio, we can transform your existing investments into a flexible, cost-effective storage environment offering high performance, high utilisation, easy management and rapid provisioning.

Challenges of the digital age

In this age of disruption, new competitors can emerge and transform whole industries in the blink of an eye. How can established businesses ward off the growing threat from fast moving digital rivals?

The ability to identify emerging requirements and rapidly act on them depends on having agile and flexible information systems, underpinned by equally capable data storage. Already under pressure, the storage infrastructure in most organisations is undergoing explosive growth, leaving IT departments struggling with rising cost and complexity.

Growing pains in storage

To cope with the explosion in data, organisations must constantly add capacity, which tends to result in greater complexity and management costs.

Equally, as new business requirements emerge, the inflexibility and siloed nature of the typical storage infrastructure make it difficult to respond rapidly. This tends to mean that new point solutions are deployed to handle each new requirement, contributing to the ongoing sprawl of the (under-utilised) storage infrastructure.

As costs and complexity rise, organisations in all industries need to find ways to process larger sets of data at higher speed, and they need the agility to adapt rapidly to emerging business requirements.

Achieving agility with IBM software-defined storage

The good news: there is an approach that sets the stage for transformation while enabling you to maximise the value of your existing investments: IBM Spectrum software-defined storage. Software-defined storage decouples the management logic from the underlying hardware. This means that existing siloed capacity can be united and shared across multiple applications, and that future capacity can be deployed on low-cost commodity hardware.

By separating the physical reality of the storage landscape from the ways in which that storage is managed and consumed, software-defined storage provides enormous flexibility and agility. It can also significantly reduce costs – by providing a single set of powerful storage management tools, by enabling the reuse of existing capacity (and increasing its utilisation), and by reducing the need to invest in proprietary storage solutions.

Why Northdoor?

Building on 30 years of experience in designing, delivering and managing infrastructure for blue-chip companies, Northdoor has the skills to help your organisation:

  • Determine current and future requirements in storage
  • Design an appropriate software-defined architecture
  • Create a costed business case for the transformation
  • Plan a phased transition that maximises the reuse of existing capacity
  • Execute the transformation with minimal disruption or risk
  • Train internal staff to master the new tools, and support them with first-class expertise
  • Set up ongoing reviews to keep the solution aligned to changing needs.

Backed by Northdoor’s design and implementation expertise, the IBM Spectrum software-defined storage portfolio can help your organisation prepare for success in the digital economy.

For more information on how Northdoor can increase your agility, cut your costs and help you prepare for a digital future,  download our latest white paper by completing the form below or contact us for a free assessment.

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