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16th November 2017Blog

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Decisions, decisions, decisions.
What products and services should we offer now and in the future?
Which markets should we focus our sales efforts on?
What are our competitors doing better than us?
How should we organise our business and structure our internal processes?
Where should we invest for the greatest ROI?

For business and IT alike, one of the frustrating things about decision making is the feeling that the right answers are out there, if only we had the time to tease them out of the data.

The media is full of stories about how machine learning is transforming the world of business. By turning big data into new insight, enterprises the world over are able to understand what their customers want and bring new products and services to market faster than their competitors.

If your business is keen to access the benefits of deep analytics, machine learning and other cognitive technologies, you may already be experimenting with on-premises software or  cloud-based services. But if you’ve not yet to get started – or if your pilot project is struggling to get off the ground – Northdoor can help.

We offer a fast, low-cost, low-risk way to plan out your analytics and machine-learning strategy and to get started quickly with real projects that deliver tangible business value. Our approach is based on the step-by-step creation of a comprehensive self-service analytics platform, which quickly provides valuable new capabilities for business users.

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