Why an overstretched IT operations team could be exposing your business to risk

29th June 2021BlogTom Richards

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Digital services take centre stage

In the last decade, data-driven systems have become an integral part of core business processes across all industries. Digital innovations have created new sources of customer value, heightened consumer expectations around the personalisation and responsiveness of services, and even transformed entire sectors: think Amazon, Uber, and Deliveroo, to name just a few.

It’s not just tech giants that depend on their digital systems: organisations of all sizes and from all sectors now increasingly rely on their technology platforms and services to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. Today, even short periods of unplanned downtime can have a strong negative impact on a business: from missed sales opportunities and frustrated customers to attrition and even financial penalties.

These risks aren’t limited to external, customer-facing services. For example, it’s easy to imagine the negative impact of a key financial accounting system suffering an outage in the middle of a crucial reporting cycle, or a vital data repository falling offline during an audit by a regulatory authority.

Cut the business risk of unplanned IT downtime with Northdoor managed services.

IT operations under pressure

As digital systems have evolved from small-scale experiments to mission-critical systems that underpin the entire enterprise, there’s been a corresponding increase in pressure on IT operations teams to deliver timely management and maintenance. With business appetites for digital systems increasing all the time, many teams are facing the tough challenge of keeping an ever-growing number of platforms and services online—often within demanding 24×7 service-level agreements (SLAs). And for all but the newest “born on the web” organisations, many critical systems may be running on older or less common technologies, which can make it hard to find and maintain the right level of internal skills.

Although the burden on IT operations teams is growing year after year, IT budgets continue to lag behind. Given that human resources represent one of the biggest IT expenditures, many businesses are making tough choices about where they allocate their resources—forcing IT operations teams to do more with less. But if your IT operations team is underfunded and overstretched, it could be only a matter of time before an outage knocks your business offline. Can you afford to take the risk?

Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience managing mission-critical IT solutions for our clients, Northdoor can help fill in the gaps for your operations team without sending your costs soaring. Click To Tweet

Take back control with Northdoor

Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience managing mission-critical IT solutions for our clients, Northdoor can help fill in the gaps for your operations team without sending your costs soaring. We have particularly deep expertise in IBM Power Systems—whether you’re running IBM AIX, IBM i or Linux—as well as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Ansible and database technologies—such as Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase and Db2.

Thanks to Northdoor’s economies of scale, we maintain deep expertise across a comprehensive range of applications and technology platforms and deliver reactive and proactive services in a highly cost-effective way. We can also go further, and take on the full, end-to-end management of your digital systems, so your IT team is free to focus on strategic activities.

Contact Northdoor today for a free assessment of your existing IT landscape, and find out how Northdoor managed services can help you achieve more while reducing your expenditure.

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