Are high IT management workloads putting the brakes on business innovation?

20th April 2021BlogRob Batters

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Digital services in demand

More than ever, businesses depend on their digital systems to engage with customers, manage their operations and plan for the future. As demand for these capabilities continues to grow, the IT architectures that enable them are becoming more complex. For example, it has become commonplace for even small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to operate a diverse range of heterogeneous on-premises platforms, as well as private and public cloud technologies from different vendors.

Enterprises across all industries depend on their systems of insight and engagement to compete effectively in the digital marketplace, and Northdoor sees that demand for data-driven services will continue to intensify in the years ahead. But while these digital capabilities offer great commercial advantages for businesses, keeping them running smoothly can present tough operational challenges behind the scenes.

Enhance your in-house IT Skills with Northdoor Managed Services

Skills in short supply

One of the biggest disadvantages of the growing complexity of IT architectures is the large number of hardware and software technologies that IT departments are called upon to support. For all but the largest multinational businesses, it is simply not cost-effective to acquire and retain skills in all the technologies that underpin day-to-day operations.

This is because many components of the IT environment—although vital—typically require only small amounts of management and maintenance each year. Even if businesses did have limitless resources to recruit in-house experts to manage their entire technology stack from top to bottom, the result would likely be a dissatisfied, disengaged IT team—and the steady erosion of skills through disuse.

To try to solve these challenges, many IT teams attempt to become generalists with the skills to solve any possible issue without external support. However, becoming a Jack of all trades usually means being a master of none—potentially exposing your business to the risk of costly external consulting engagements. Wouldn’t it be better if your IT team were free to focus on what really counts: building innovative services to support the business?

Focus on what counts

With managed IT services from Northdoor, you can leave the heavy lifting to us while you focus on business innovation. Click To Tweet

With managed IT services from Northdoor, you can leave the heavy lifting to us while you focus on business innovation. While in-house technical teams are often spread thinly across many different technologies, our dedicated experts maintain deep skills, high levels of expertise and up-to-date certification. And thanks to our economies of scale, we can support your business seven days a week, 365 days a year—eliminating the risk posed by your key IT personnel being absent through annual leave or sickness.

With ManageLine from Northdoor, we proactively manage all aspects of administration, including support, assistance and guidance. And with our ServiceLine offering, you’ll gain an ITIL-compliant IT service desk that delivers rapid answers to technical questions and service requests. Crucially, Northdoor services are highly flexible and cost-effective. For example, you can purchase a set number of service days, and use them as you need them, across any combination of skills. Learn more about Managed Services from Northdoor.

Northdoor Managed Services: An overview

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