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What is IBM Cloud Pak For Security?

Cloud is a key enabler of digital transformation, but the complexity of hybrid and multicloud architectures can make information security a tough challenge for enterprises.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Security, delivered by experts from Northdoor, your business can harness proven, open-source technologies to integrate multiple security tools and empower your security team to respond rapidly to emerging threats.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security solutions from Northdoor provide:

  • Cloud security software that flexes to your environment
  • Multi-cloud security at scale
  • Native cloud security that compliments any platform
  • Cloud security management solutions that compliment your processes
  • Cloud Data Protection as a fundamental feature.

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Protect your hybrid and multicloud environments from cyber threats

Read our guest blog  “Benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Security” by Justin Youngblood, Vice President of Strategy and Offering Management at IBM.

Digital transformation drives risk

Almost half of CIOs surveyed by KPMG indicated that they expect their business models to change fundamentally in the next three years. As digital transformation moves to the top of the agenda in boardrooms around the world, cloud is fast becoming the preferred platform for a new generation of services.

The advantages of pursuing digital transformation in the cloud are clear. The cloud offers shorter time to market for new offerings, lower operational costs and reduced IT management effort than on-premises alternatives. However, businesses are typically unable to move all their systems to the cloud for regulatory, risk and/or cost-related reasons.

As a result, many businesses are now contending with hybrid and multicloud architectures with multiple points of integration and complex data dependencies. On average, a single enterprise uses between 25 to 29 different tools from ten different vendors. With numerous different systems and processes for security management across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud platforms, defending the business becomes a difficult and time-consuming activity—increasing exposure to cyber risks.

Disparate tools leave businesses exposed

A recent SANS Institute report shows that the challenges of hybrid and multicloud security are widespread. Over 50 percent of C-level respondents indicated that their teams struggled to gain the top-level, 360-degree visibility necessary to identify advanced threats.

To deal with this challenge, security teams may attempt to collate data from each platform into a central repository, so that it can be analysed using a single set of tools. The challenge with this approach is that moving data away from its source system requires complex integration logic, which substantially increases costs and the risk of errors.

Alternatively, businesses may decide to leave their data where it is, and instead use individual log monitoring and security management tools across each of their on-premises and cloud environments. However, this methodology creates a constant need to switch between different screens and systems to scan for threats such as malware signatures or malicious IP addresses—sapping IT resources, increasing complexity and raising the risk of cyber risks going undetected.

Case Study

Leading Global Healthcare Provider secures customer data

Download our case study to understand how a leading player in the healthcare industry secured customer data with IBM Cloud Pak for Security.


Introducing IBM Cloud Pak for Security

To solve the challenge, IBM offers IBM Cloud Pak for Security: an innovative platform that empowers enterprises to capture security insights from every on-premises and cloud environment while allowing data to remain in its original locations.

Built on the cutting-edge Red Hat OpenShift integration platform and powered by open-source technology, IBM Cloud Pak for Security offers pre-built patterns to capture data from a comprehensive range of security solutions.

IBM is one of the co-founders of the OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance, an initiative to promote greater interoperability and tighter security across the entire cloud ecosystem.

Building on these industry partnerships, IBM Cloud Pak for Security includes integration templates for security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools, and threat intelligence services from vendors including Carbon Black, Tenable, Elastic, BigFix and Splunk.

Get started faster with Northdoor

If your business operates a hybrid or multicloud architecture, IBM Cloud Pak for Security can help you to reduce the time, cost and complexity of protecting your platforms, including AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud. And by partnering with Northdoor, you can dramatically cut the time required to deploy IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

At Northdoor, security is in our DNA. We have a 30-year track-record of proven success in protecting our clients’ most valuable assets: their data. By combining our deep industry insights with the experience gained through hundreds of IBM Security solution deployments, Northdoor can help you start realising the value of IBM Cloud Pak for Security rapidly.

Northdoor offers end-to-end support throughout the implementation—from provisioning your first OpenShift clusters to deploying and configuring IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

Northdoor can help you deploy IBM Cloud Pak for Security anywhere: on-premises or on the cloud platform of your choice. And with a managed OpenShift platform from IBM, your business can gain the peace of mind that the solution won’t divert your IT experts from their value-added work.

To take the first step to a more secure hybrid or multicloud architecture—arrange a consultation with Northdoor today:

IBM Cloud Pak for Security product and services

Security Threat Intelligence Insights

Threat Intelligence Insights offers detailed, actionable threat intelligence that helps you identify and prioritise the threats most relevant to your organisation–based on your organisational profile and environmental telemetry. Drive security insights with X-Force Premier Threat Intelligence from security investigations around the world. Once you detect a threat, seamlessly investigate threats and indicators of compromise (IOCs) across multiple siloed sources, and remediate cyber threats – all from a single console – leveraging the integrated workflow of IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

IBM Data Explorer

IBM Security Data Explorer enables analysts to perform federated investigations across IBM and third-party data sources. Connect insights from security tools, such as security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and data stored in data lakes, such as Elastic. Additionally, get insights from multicloud environments that your SIEM tools like QRadar and Splunk are monitoring. Significantly reduce time to investigate by querying multiple data sources using a simple query builder and one workflow. Enable your security operation centre (SOC) to do more, faster, and empower analysts to search for indicators of compromise (IOCs) and threats across all data sources.


SOAR empowers security analysts by automating common security operations and incident response (IR) processes,  guiding them through the necessary steps to resolve complex cases. They can access important security information quickly with the relevant incident context, enabling accurate decision making and decisive action. It leverages automation, 3rd-party integrations and dynamic case management to increase the productivity of security analysts and improve the effectiveness of deployed technologies—alleviating the skills gap and alert fatigue.

IBM QRadar

QRadar provides a single SIEM platform for maturing security operations and addressing threats through integrated visibility, detection, investigation and response workflows. QRadar unifies visibility with 500+ validated integrations for security and IT ecosystems with out-of-the-box support for hundreds of security use cases including insider threat, advanced threat, cloud security and more. Gain centralised insights across users, endpoints, clouds, applications and networks. QRadar’s analytics engine uses a range of analytics to identify abnormal behavior and anomalous activity that indicate known and unknown threats. QRadar’s analytics and models have been tuned and embedded with security best practices from our years protecting Fortune 100 companies.

Click here for more information on IBM QRadar

Expert Labs Services

Services supporting Cloud Pak for Security are offered through the IBM Security Expert Labs. The team offers the business and technical acumen needed across all stages of the IBM Security product life cycle – adoption, expansion, and optimisation. Understanding that each client’s security program is different, IBM offers a variety of services to help Cloud Pak for Security enhance your program – ranging from on-boarding, to connector development, to support services.

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