Storage Virtualisation and Deduplication

"The virtualised infrastructure created by Northdoor gives us the ability to scale up rapidly and transition platforms with low risk, so we expect to be able to complete future acquisitions even more easily and cost-effectively."
Paul Donovan, Head of IT, Insurance Management Services Limited

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Disk virtualisation and deduplication

Make better use of existing storage without adding more complexity to your infrastructure with IBM Spectrum Virtualize and IBM FlashSystem.

Using Spectrum Virtualize, provisioning new storage can be largely automated. Support for VMware vCenter and vStorage APIs enables the IBM software to take on some storage-related tasks that were previously performed by VMware, enabling non-disruptive data migration between storage systems.

The virtual pool of storage created by Spectrum Virtualize appears to servers as a single type of storage, which simplifies administration because only a single driver type is needed in virtual server images. The IBM Spectrum family also includes deduplication technology, helping to save storage capacity.

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