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Business Intelligence Solutions

Employees increasingly expect fast and easy access to information about business performance. Whether it’s a marketing executive seeking updates on the impact of the latest campaign, or a sales manager checking on how her team is achieving against monthly targets, users depend on business intelligence.

As the typical organisation adds business systems and databases over time, the platform holding all the data becomes highly complex and fragmented. To get reliable business intelligence, users will often need to explain what they need to a business or IT analyst, wait for that person to translate their request into a query, wait for the results of the query, and then go back to the analyst if the answer is still not clear.

This back-and-forth between business and IT is both inefficient and a drag on agility. The time and effort involved in gaining even relatively simple information can be prohibitive, so business decisions will often be made on the basis of little more than gut-feeling.

Knowledge economy

Success in the digital economy depends on fast, reliable access to dependable information. Both to increase internal efficiency and to accelerate accurate decision making, businesses need to streamline the process of generating and delivering business intelligence. Typically, this will be a two-pronged solution covering both existing sources in the enterprise and new sources in the cloud.

Northdoor has the skills and experience to help in both cases. Backed by expert-level certification from major vendors of BI technology, Northdoor understands both the front-end usage of BI and the back-end architecture. By modernising existing on-premises systems and introducing new hybrid solutions that reach into the cloud, we give businesses access to simple yet powerful tools to strengthen decision making and delivery improved efficiency across the entire organisation.

business intelligence BI

Preserve value with BI

Northdoor’s approach to BI seeks to rationalise and modernise existing capabilities, updating technology and tuning processes to maximise performance. In this way, we preserve the value of past investments in BI while opening the path to future benefits.

On the infrastructure side, Northdoor designs and deploys full BI environments that span both on-premises and cloud resources, helping businesses drive maximum value out of both existing and new data sources. The resulting hybrid environment is designed to be highly flexible and cost-effective to manage.

At the front-end, Northdoor helps organisations to understand the potential of BI, train internal users to create their own dashboards and reports, and gain complete self-sufficiency in running their BI platform.

Fast insight

With deep experience in all major BI and reporting platforms, Northdoor can design and deliver anything from a technology update to a complete end-to-end solution. Our approach recognises that true value from BI comes from taking advantage of the latest user-centric tools: business intelligence should be in the hands of the employees who want to use it.

By enabling organisations to rapidly and accurately measure key commercial metrics, then drill into the data for a more granular view, Northdoor helps deliver business insights that drive smarter decision making.


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Northdoor Design & Build New Business Intelligence Reporting Solution for London Charity Addaction

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IBM Cognos Express implemented by Northdoor plc has streamlined Digital Cinema Media's processes and improved reporting.

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) logo

"We have reduced data reporting time by 87% by implementing IBM Cognos Express"

Simon Rose - IT Director
ABRSM logo

"Northdoor’s domain expertise in IBM infrastructure was instrumental to the development of ABRSM’s core business application"

Julie White - Application Development Manager
Stenham Asset Management logo

"With our data hub built on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, information quickly flows throughout Stenham Asset Management, which helps us compete more effectively"

Giulio Battaglia - COO
Postbank logo

"The Smart Analytics System has really proved its worth by reducing the time it takes to produce our reports for CRE from hours to minutes – and they are accurate to the penny"

Clarel Sookun - Head of IT
Royal Caribbean International logo

"Northdoor helped us build a solution that is distinguished by its simplicity"

Sally Briggs - IT Manager
Medivet logo

"With the SQL Server Server replication feature we’re confident that data can be accessed from any branch at any time. This is vital for operational efficiency, patient care, and customer convenience"

Kevin Morris - Senior Partner

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