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4th July 2023BlogJames Cherry

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Discover how NHS Trusts leverage Business Intelligence reporting solutions to obtain faster and more accurate data, enabling them to efficiently enhance patient care and meet targets

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the need to enhance patient care and reduce waiting times has become more critical than ever. Recent statistics revealing a concerning rise in Hospital Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department deaths have prompted the healthcare sector to explore innovative approaches. Fortunately, many NHS Trusts have embraced the power of healthcare data analytics, leveraging modern Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to obtain faster and more accurate data. This paradigm shift has shown promising results in reducing waiting times and improving patient outcomes.

The rising concern: waiting times and patient safety

A recent Freedom of Information (FoI) request shed light on a distressing reality—over 23,000 people lost their lives in A&E in England last year, marking a significant increase of more than 20 percent since 2021 and nearly 40 percent since 2020. These statistics align with the observed rise in NHS waiting times over the past few months. The pressing question arises: How can hospitals harness their data to mitigate waiting times and potentially prevent such devastating outcomes?

The data conundrum

While hospitals are well aware that their data holds the key to unlocking improvements, the challenge lies in accessing and sharing this information swiftly and effectively. Currently, data collection remains a slow and manual process in many healthcare institutions. Given the high influx of patients and the pressure on A&E departments due to COVID-19, managing demand and adhering to the four-hour standard becomes an arduous task when the data available to decision-makers is outdated and possibly inaccurate.

The role of modern healthcare data analytics

Thankfully, forward-thinking NHS Trusts are embracing modern BI platforms that enable near real-time reporting to operational, clinical, and managerial teams. These sophisticated solutions automate data analytics processes, granting teams immediate access to dynamic statistics through intuitive dashboards within their departments. Equipped with this valuable information, healthcare professionals can monitor and manage resources and patient flow more effectively, resulting in improved target achievement and reduced waiting times.

These delays in patient care have a profound impact on individuals, highlighting the urgent need for hospitals to access and share data promptly to make informed decisions and improve efficiency within the healthcare system. The challenge lies in hospitals’ ability to obtain and disseminate data swiftly, enabling healthcare professionals to manage patient flow effectively and reduce waiting times.

Analytics Dashboard

Overcoming financial constraints

Transitioning from legacy manual processes reliant on paper and Excel spreadsheets to automated BI reporting solutions incurs costs that may concern budget holders. However, proactive NHS Trusts have found a solution through the shared services directive from NHS Digital. By collaborating with local healthcare partners, these organizations can pool resources and costs, accessing enterprise-level technology solutions that were previously financially out of reach.

Empowering NHS Trusts for success with insights

The NHS is facing significant strain, with A&E departments under intense scrutiny due to patient targets and media reports highlighting “poor performance.” These challenges coincide with budget constraints, exacerbating the frustration of knowing that the data needed for performance improvement lies within the departments. However, an increasing number of NHS Trusts have partnered with external IT consultancies and local healthcare experts, enabling them to implement modern BI platforms. This strategic collaboration ensures access to near real-time data, facilitates better-informed decisions, and ultimately improves patient waiting time targets, benefiting those under their care.

In the pursuit of enhancing patient care and reducing waiting times, healthcare data analytics has emerged as a game-changer. NHS Trusts leveraging modern BI solutions have witnessed the transformative potential of near real-time data, enabling timely decision-making and improved outcomes. By embracing the power of healthcare data analytics, the healthcare sector can forge a path toward a more efficient and patient-centric future, ensuring that every individual receives the care they deserve when they need it most.

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