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Increase both the accuracy and the speed of responding to incoming SARs, while cutting labour and costs.

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Achieve fast, accurate, low-cost responses to Subject Access Requests

Under the GDPR, individuals have the right to request and receive their personal data from organisations that hold it. These Subject Access Requests (SARs) are a potential headache for organisations.

Personally identifiable data may be spread across multiple internal, external and third-party systems, such that an incoming SAR will typically require time-consuming, labour-intensive searches.

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

The typical organisation today will hold personally identifiable data on individuals in a large number of different databases, file systems, cloud applications, offsite backups, paper-based record stores and email archives, and potentially also in third-party systems run by suppliers and partners.

There may be no clear ownership or governance policies in place, and an incoming SAR may therefore trigger a desperate manual hunt through multiple systems, tying up valuable IT staff resources and diverting attention from the core business.

SAR access request software

Naturally, even a small number of Subject Access Requests (SARs) could represent a major distraction and drain on resources for an organisation, and a spike in requests could break manual processes altogether, leaving you exposed to the risk of regulatory action for failing to meet your SARs obligations.

Northdoor Subject Access Requests solution

Northdoor provides a complete Subject Access Requests Solution to increase both the accuracy and the speed of responding to incoming SARs. The solution offers a standardised framework for receiving requests through a convenient web portal, validating them, managing them centrally, automatically applying for extensions if there is a risk of exceeding the standard one-month deadline, and securely sending the requested information back to the applicant.

As part of the solution, Northdoor works with companies to automate their SARs workflows from assignment to approval, and to integrate with internal and external data sources for automated modification or erasure of data. The solution brings together all the requested information into a single, standard response to each data subject, ensuring consistency, precision and timeliness without tying up internal resources in manual paper-chases.

  • Low-cost solution delivers value within hours of deployment
  • Automatically discover and classify personal data wherever it resides
  • Set and manage classification and access policies via clear, wizard-driven interfaces
  • Employ rules-based monitoring to dynamically manage data throughout its lifecycle
  • Use heuristics and sophisticated algorithms to automate discovery and SARs reporting.

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This short video presents the Northdoor solution for automated data discovery, classification and remediation. The solution helps organisations understand what sensitive and personal data they hold, enabling faster, more accurate and more efficient responses to Subject Access Requests (SARs) under the GDPR. It also generally reduces organisational risk and improves the ability to make effective use of data.

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Download the Northdoor Subject Access Requests PDF:

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