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Stay afloat in oceans of data

The rising tide of data represents both an operational headache and a business opportunity. As ever more stringent regulations around data preservation and protection come into force, businesses must spend more time, effort and money on storage. But at the same time, much of the data you are gathering can be mined to deliver new insights and support better business decision-making.

The key challenge is to maintain high-speed access to the data you need on a day-to-day basis, while simultaneously keeping down the cost of storing data you need either infrequently or only for regulatory purposes. Traditional approaches to data storage are struggling today: adding capacity to existing systems drives up expenditure, and manually migrating data between onsite and offsite systems introduces risk, delay and yet more costs.

Software-defined storage separates the storage logic and management from the underlying hardware, dramatically reducing both the complexity and the costs.

 Solve operational challenges

The IBM Spectrum Storage software-defined storage family offers scale-out block and file storage, storage virtualisation, data protection, archiving, and storage management and automation. With a common set of tools and a standardised interface across all solutions, IBM Spectrum Storage can simplify your storage infrastructure, cut administration and help you turn data into insight.

The IBM software defined storage technologies use built-in analytics and policy-driven retention controls to move data automatically between different tiers of storage. This matches the cost of data storage more closely to the value of the data being stored, keeping the fastest storage free for the most important and time-sensitive requirements, and minimising your potential spend on high-end storage.

Separating the storage logic from the underlying hardware enables you to use a mixture of technologies – from specialised all-flash arrays down to generic boxes of disks – eliminating vendor lock-in and cutting your acquisition costs. Using software-defined storage also makes migration to new hardware fast, easy and low-risk, and enables almost limitless scalability.

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