Use-cases for advanced analytics and cognitive services in FSI organisations

19th July 2017Blog

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Attract New Business and Improve Customer Satisfaction with Cognitive Solutions

Experience is now key for customers of FSI organisations – how their requests and requirements are handled, how closely the offering meets their specific needs, how easy and efficient their interaction is, and why it stands out as memorable. Cognitive services can pave the way for quicker decisions on policies and payouts, enable products and services to become more personalised to the individual, and enhance expertise and responsiveness within organisations.

There are five key use-cases for advanced analytics and cognitive services within financial services and insurance organisations.

1. Improving customer engagement

Using advanced analytics to build a deeper understanding of customers can transform relationships, accelerating interactions and enabling fully personalised services that strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Increasing automation

Intelligent process-automation solutions take the strain off human resources, applying adaptable business rules to process information automatically and freeing up skilled human resources to focus on competitive differentiation.

3. Personalising insurance policies

Advanced analytics solutions help insurers to understand and model customer requirements, enabling the sale of highly tailored policies to a mass market of consumers without additional administrative overhead.

4. Tackling fraud

Using advanced analytics and machine learning empowers insurers to extract insights directly from claims audits and insert them into critical stages of the claims process, then take action to cut leakage.

5. Improving compliance

With GDPR on the near horizon, advanced analytics and machine learning can help firms discover, assess and manage compliance-related information in both structured and unstructured datasets. Together with deeper process automation, advanced analytics and cognitive technologies can help FSI organisations understand their customers’ needs more thoroughly, tailor services accordingly, execute business more efficiently and beat competitors to new opportunities.

To address these requirements, Northdoor can help FSI organisations understand the immediate benefits of advanced analytics and automation solutions, and the future potential of AI and cognitive computing. With more than 25 years of experience in the London Market, Northdoor offer proven, practical approaches to deploying analytics and cognitive solutions that deliver rapid return on investment.

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