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The dedicated data warehousing solution that's tailored to your organisational needs, providing fast insights on a sustainable platform.

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The data warehouse solution for the data-driven economy

Success in the digital economy depends on the ability to drive insights at high speed from vast quantities of data. Enterprises need to empower their employees, partners and customers with accurate, real-time information. Whether you’re trying to increase customer engagement, transform your offerings, optimise your operations, or boost employee performance, data is the key.

Marshalling your information resources will enable faster awareness of the current business opportunities and risks. It will also set you on the path to predictive analytics, whereby you can use data to steer the business more intelligently.

Northdoor solves these challenges with a dedicated data warehousing solution, tailored to your organisational needs. We have the unique tools and skills needed to deliver a fully operational data warehouse solution for your business within 12 months.


Single version of the truth

The key requirement for a data-driven enterprise is access to a centralised repository of high-quality, well-governed data, delivered in real time from all relevant enterprise systems. This data must be secure and compliant with data privacy regulations such as the GDPR, and it must be easily accessible by business users.

Some off-the-shelf solutions can map reporting and analytics tools directly to your source data. While this may deliver immediate results, the lack of underlying control and reconciliation means you may end up with multiple versions of the truth. By contrast, a data warehouse delivers a single source of truth even if your operational systems remain in silos, use different data models and definitions, and store data in multiple formats.

Speak to our Data Warehouse experts today to discover how we manage the complexities of Data Warehouse analysis, design, deployment and support. Our unique NDEX toolset is purpose built to rapidly identify, classify, validate and reconcile your data—giving you an invaluable single version of the truth behind your data challenges.

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Common data warehouse challenges

Data warehouse projects are notorious for delays, budget overruns, functional creep and even outright failure.

The sheer scope of a data warehouse project means that it is likely to be beyond the internal competence within most enterprises. Lack of experience in delivering data warehouse projects means that companies often jump into building a technical solution before they have completed the necessary groundwork around data standards and data quality. And even if your business has people with the appropriate skills, you may not be able to commit them full-time to a data warehouse project.

The long timelines associated with traditional data warehouse projects means that your business will continue to evolve while the data warehouse project works towards a defined outcome. By the time the project is delivered, even in the unlikely event that it meets the original objectives in full, you may find it no longer meets your business needs.

The Northdoor Solution: Starting off on the right foot

To avoid the problems traditionally associated with data warehouse projects, the Northdoor Data Warehouse Solution aims to get the foundations right before any construction work begins. We use highly automated tooling to discover and analyse the current data resources, classify the data, identify data-quality issues, map out the target transformations and design validation procedures.

Our experienced consultants have delivered multiple successful data warehouse solution projects for enterprises in multiple industries. By planning and executing an agile approach to delivery, Northdoor ensures that data warehouse projects can adapt seamlessly and at low cost to the inevitable changes in scope and target outcomes. We also design organisational structures and processes to manage, maintain and develop the data warehouse as an ongoing concern.

Advanced tooling

Drawing on decades of experience in helping blue-chip companies turn data into insight, Northdoor has built a packaged, repeatable approach to creating and managing data warehouses. Armed with tooling and frameworks developed in the course of numerous client engagements, Northdoor experts can take businesses from a blank sheet of paper all the way through to a functioning, scalable data warehouse.

Northdoor offers:

  • Automated tools and processes
  • Experienced technical experts
  • Full project ownership and commitment to delivering a working solution.

The Northdoor Data Warehouse Solution uses our own best-of-breed tooling, developed and honed during decades of work for blue-chip companies.

NDEX-Accelerate Advanced Data Discoverer

  • Finds data quickly
  • Identifies data quality issues at the outset
  • Identifies potential Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data fields
  • Delivers clear reports on the data landscape and potential challenges.

 NDEX-Accelerate Automated Target Mapping

  • Enables focus on target rather than source data
  • Identifies gaps in data given the targeted insights
  • Enables agile methodology so change is easily absorbed during the project.

NDEX-Accelerate Automated Data Validation & Reconciliation

  • Automates data type validation checks from the target
  • Ensures data meets business rules
  • Helps implement complex validation rules.
The Northdoor Data Warehouse Accelerator

Download our Data Warehouse Solution Overview PDF 

Northdoor are uniquely able to provide the expertise and tools required to solve these problems. Our Data Warehouse specialists work with your data and IT teams to rapidly scope the challenges and possibilities, delivering a solution that will scale in line with your business.

Key benefits

  • Up to 80% project cost savings
  • Up-front analysis and evaluation
  • Higher data quality for better insight
  • Faster delivery for shorter time-to-value
  • Lower risk from a proven solution with a 100% track record
  • Extensive process automation
  • Agile project methodology
  • Flexible approach enables ongoing evolution
  • More sustainable and cost-effective in operation.

The Northdoor Data Warehouse solution provides speed, agility and proven outcomes. While a traditional data warehouse project can last three years, Northdoor typically delivers in less than 12 months, while saving up to 80 percent of project costs. Our agile approach enables organisations to keep an open mind, adapting the developing data warehouse to unknown future requirements as the project proceeds.

Once your data warehouse is up and running, the Northdoor tooling remains in place under a perpetual licence, enabling warehouse model amendments to be automatically implemented. Northdoor can either provide a worry-free managed service to maintain and support the solution, or carry out a transfer of skills to make you self-sufficient.

Why choose Northdoor for your data warehouse project?

  • We have dedicated data warehouse specialists
  • Enterprise focus, with scalability in mind
  • Consultancy-led approach to project scope and delivery
  • Over 30 years’ experience solving business challenges around data management
  • Strategic partner relationships with IBM, Microsoft and Oracle
  • Proven ability to advise, implement and manage complex data warehouse solutions
  • Full scope of IT capabilities: on-premise, cloud and hybrid platforms; software development and deployment; analytics; data security; data privacy; monitoring; support
  • Winner of multiple awards, including IT Europa Data Management Solution of the Year—and Finalist in Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year.

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