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Gain speed, flexibility and efficiency

As data volumes continue to rise, and as users and applications demand ever faster access to data, businesses of all sizes face significant challenges. You must store certain types of data for set periods of time (as defined by regulations), keep the latest data accessible at high speed, protect data against loss, and ensure efficient management over time.

Of course, different types of data may have dramatically different value to the business, so most organisations have built up a variety of systems and approaches to data storage over time. This diversity tends to create islands of storage, in which investments in capacity and performance in one area cannot be shared with other areas as requirements change. The lack of a common approach to data storage also pushes up administrative complexity and training costs.

IBM Storage solutions – built on a shared set of management software – provide a standardised yet highly configurable platform for ensuring speed, flexibility and efficiency in data storage and access. By enabling the connection of data across any architecture – local, cloud, hybrid – IBM Storage solutions can help you create a data-driven business that can out-think and out-manoeuvre the competition.

Choose the right storage for your needs

The IBM Storage portfolio provides a comprehensive set of offerings across disk, flash, hybrid and tape storage, backed by common management software and the IBM Spectrum Storage software-defined portfolio.

IBM FlashSystem technology supports a comprehensive range of requirements, from cost-effective hybrid storage for small and mid-sized businesses all the way through to ultra-low latency all-flash and Storage Class Memory (SCM) for the most demanding enterprise applications. In all cases, IBM FlashSystem combines performance with exceptional reliability and efficiency. Low energy requirements help keep the total cost of ownership down.

IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R provide consistent hybrid storage performance optimised for cloud applications that need potentially unlimited scalability with simplified management. Its innovative grid architecture eliminates the need for conventional load balancing and performance tuning.

For high-end requirements and mainframe integration, the IBM DS8000 family offers round-the-clock availability and superior performance.

IBM tape solutions today offer greater capacity and performance to help ensure that even the largest systems can be backed up and recovered in a timely manner. For long-term storage, tape continues to offer unbeatable durability and energy efficiency.




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