IBM Power10: unbeatable performance, energy-efficiency, and security for hybrid cloud

10th September 2021BlogTom Richards

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Perfect 10

IBM Power10 is finally here, and the headline gains on the previous generation of IBM processors are certainly impressive:

  • up to three times the performance within the same energy envelope
  • multi-petabyte memory clustering capabilities
  • onboard AI inference processing
  • completely transparent memory encryption, for security with zero performance impact.

Less attention-grabbing, but no less important, is what Power10 represents to existing clients: the latest step in an ongoing commitment to investing in the world’s most innovative platform. All those features and capabilities are backed by the robustness and build quality that has made IBM Power the go-to platform for critical enterprise applications and data stores.

As one of the UK’s only IBM Platinum partners, Northdoor is excited to be helping clients not only deploy the latest Power technology but also squeeze the maximum business advantage from it. Whether you’re looking to adopt cutting-edge AI or simply to boost the performance of core business applications, a Power10-based server from Northdoor will fit the bill.

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Performance, agility, security

Recent global events have hammered home the need for robust and flexible technology: organisations of all kinds have had to pivot to virtual interactions on digital platforms. At the same time, this has created significant opportunities for cyber criminals, raising the importance of digital security.

The latest generation of IBM Power technology combines performance and agility with built-in security on a hybrid-cloud-ready platform. Power10 offers more efficient scaling, delivering three times the performance of the previous generation within the same physical space and energy footprint, plus dynamic capacity options for flexible pay-as-you-use consumption of resources. And because all memory is automatically and transparently encrypted on the fly—whether on your local machine or on temporary capacity in the cloud—data security is assured.

The hardware-based encryption on Power10 has zero performance or management overhead—and support for homomorphic encryption means that you’ll be able to process and analyse sensitive data without needing to decrypt it first.

Another security first with Power10 is hardware-enforced container protection and isolation capabilities. If any container is compromised by malware, Power10 is designed to prevent any cross-contamination to other containers in the same virtual machine.

IBM Power10

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Faster insight

As data volumes grow, it becomes more challenging to meet the appetite for fast analytics. Power10 provides higher per-core performance and features Memory Inception—which allows Power10-based systems in a cluster to access each other’s memory directly, enabling enormous data sets to be manipulated at high speeds. The new processor also provides an embedded Matrix Math Accelerator for up to 20 times faster AI inference performance per socket versus POWER9. So rather than offloading AI workload to GPUs, you can gain insight directly on your main processors.

Even if you’re not on the cutting-edge of AI and big data analytics, upgrading to Power10 will provide significant gains. For example, organisations with single-threaded applications will typically see around 20 percent improvements in performance, with a corresponding reduction in per-core software licensing fees.

Maximise the benefits of IBM Power10

As usual, the rollout of the latest Power10 processors starts with an enterprise-class server—the IBM Power E1080—but mid-range, scale-out options will hit the market soon. To find out more about the benefits for your organisation, and to plan your next move, contact Northdoor today for a free assessment of your Power landscape. Email Northdoor today, call us on 020 7448 8500 or complete the form here to arrange your free Assessment.

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