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Succeed with High Availability solutions in the always-on world

Dependable IT infrastructure has never been more vital. For the systems that support core business activities—sales, finance, communications, logistics, and so on—even brief outages can create enormous disruption to the organisation and damage to the brand. In a world where customers and partners may be online around the clock, and where interconnected global financial markets never sleep, losing the ability to transact business even for a few minutes could be disastrous.

System stability remains one of the key value propositions for the IBM Power Systems platform. Designed with multiple redundant components, built to exceptionally high standards and equipped with enterprise-class operating systems, IBM Power Systems continues to be the choice of leading global enterprises for their mission-critical applications.

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Increase protection

While Power Systems offers extremely high levels of availability and physical reliability, many applications require the added protection of a clustered solution across two or more servers, potentially in different locations. IBM PowerHA is a mature, fully integrated high-availability solution addressing these requirements.

IBM PowerHA for both AIX and i integrates server clustering technology into the kernel to improve the speed of response and enable faster failover in the event of an unexpected failure. For more complex requirements, the solution supports stretched clusters that can span multiple physical locations and hybrid on-premises/cloud infrastructures.

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Build internal confidence

By choosing PowerHA for AIX or i, you can increase the confidence of business users that key systems will always be available for their use, while simultaneously reducing the administrative workload through automation. You also get the peace of mind and ease of working with a single vendor for the entire system stack.

As a Platinum-level IBM Business Partner, Northdoor is one of a handful of UK systems integrators with the skills and experience to deliver a vendor-supported, best-of-breed PowerHA solution. In particular, our long experience of both AIX and i enables us to bring high availability to businesses running on i that were previously put off by the need to deploy PowerHA on an AIX partition.

Northdoor also offers IBM VM Recovery Manager DR for Power Systems (formerly Geographically Dispersed Resiliency), which uses external storage to enable local i LPARs to be restarted on remote IBM Power Systems servers in a very easy and affordable way.

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Why Northdoor?

Northdoor plc is a Platinum-level IBM Business Partner recognised as a Specialist for IBM Power Systems and Expert for IBM Storage product families. Recognised by IBM as a Centre of Technical Excellence for IBM Hardware, Northdoor has deep skills in IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux for IBM Power Systems. We are also experts in storage sizing and configuration, and in providing high-availability and business continuity solutions based on IBM PowerHA.

Whether you are seeking to update and consolidate your existing Power Systems landscape, extend your footprint into the cloud, or bring new analytics workloads over from inefficient x86 server farms, Northdoor has the technical skills and successful track-record to help.

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Whatever your ongoing need for IBM Power, Northdoor can help by optimising your infrastructure and cutting the costs.

In the longer term, we can support you in maintaining that on-premises solution, in adopting a hybrid-cloud approach, or in migrating to a
new platform.

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