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Government report highlights an awareness of supply chain risk, but a continued struggle to find a solution.

With a report showing only 12% of organisations formally review risks, we highlight the benefits of automating supply chain risk management.

Skytap: keep your IBM Power workloads running optimally

No more worries about finding and retaining skilled operatives for IBM Power: migrate your Power applications to run natively in the cloud with Skytap and Northdoor

Northdoor and Veracode partner to help customers secure applications

Veracode & Northdoor’s partnership can help DevSecOps build security into their application infrastructure to fight vulnerabilities.

IAB Europe expecting to be found in violation of GDPR

The Belgian Data Protection Authority is reportedly close to finalising a draft ruling on its investigation into IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework.

The sharp rise in GDPR fines means businesses should take note and act now

After an increase in fines, Northdoor highlights why using a robust GDPR solution is vital, and how GDPR industrialisation can help guide compliance.


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