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Improving your business processes with Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse

For the uninitiated, Microsoft’s SQL Data Warehouse is an Azure cloud-based data warehouse that offers enterprise-class scalability, availability, performance and flexibility on a pay-as-you-use…[ ]

Actuarial Application

Northdoor helps businesses transform spreadsheet and desktop-database applications into robust, performant, supportable systems.

What is IoT?

What is IOT (Internet of Things), where can it be applied and what are the future possibilities for this technology?

Top Features of Micosoft’s Power BI

Business intelligence is a means for running a successful online business. Here are the top 5 features of Microsoft Power BI you should definitely know about

SQL Server vs. Oracle – The Gloves are Off!

Are you running a Linux based business? Find out how and when you can expect SQL to be available for your OS and why is now a good time to make a switch.


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