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Remote working and GDPR compliance

Discover how to remain GDPR compliant whilst working remotely and how to respond to a GDPR request when data is distributed

Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

Northdoor outlines COVID-19 data protection challenges for remote working: Business Continuity, GDPR Compliance, cyber security services plus an offer.

How Brexit will impact GDPR and other data regulations

With Brexit, how will the UK’s withdrawal from EU impact data regulations? In many ways GDPR & Brexit has clouded the main point of regulations.

Key considerations for businesses to safeguard their data - Third Party Risk

A checklist and some key considerations for businesses to secure data against third party risk under the General Data Potection Regulation.

Getting to grips with cyber risk in the insurance industry

By providing insurers with crucial insight & recommendations, Northdoor shed light on how the insurance industry can improve their security posture.


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