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RiskXchange: the global standard for cyber risk score ratings, research and analysis, providing a simple, automated, centralised approach that empowers organisations to conduct business securely in an open, collaborative, digital world.

Key cyber risk challenges

The RiskXchange solution

• Powerful machine learning maps the ecosystem and determines the 360° cyber risk rating score across multiple degrees of relationships.
• Clear, informative dashboards show executives the risk position in real time, helping them make informed and measureable business risk decisions.

Business value

• Simple, de facto industry-standard risk score rating for consistent decision support
• Work collaboratively in 3rd / 4th-party digital ecosystems with quantifiable risk intelligence
• Real-time, ‘always on’, holistic view of cyber risk across the enterprise and third parties
• Compound network effect maps the enterprise’s ecosystem of partners and suppliers
• Delivers forensics data insights for security and risk gap analysis, improving risk posture,
• Provides rich external threat cyber intelligence data source across multiple industries.

To gain visibility of your enterprise’s 360° cyber risk score, please register to become a member of our complimentary community version of the RiskXchange platform. To register, please contact:
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