GDPR Programme Audit

23rd August 2016Blog

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What is a GDPR Audit?

A comprehensive, structured audit of existing GDPR programmes to confirm their fitness for purpose and ability to deliver credible compliance.

Accountability is a core principle of the GDPR: organisations must be able to demonstrate that they have analysed requirements in relation to their processing of personal data, and implemented a programme that enables them to achieve compliance.

Northdoor offers a comprehensive, structured review of existing GDPR programmes to confirm their fitness for purpose and ability to deliver credible compliance. Based on a series of workshops with key decision makers in your organisation, and guided by our proprietary methodologies and expertise, the Northdoor GDPR Programme Audit produces a clear report on potential shortcomings in your GDPR programme, with detailed step-by-step recommendations for remediation. The GDPR Audit is designed as a repeatable exercise, so that organisations can ensure their programme evolves in line with their own changing practices and with any modifications to the regulatory landscape.

GDPR Audit

Many organisations have made significant financial investments in achieving compliance with the GDPR ahead of the May 2018 deadline. The resulting programme should be seen as an asset to be serviced over time – if you treat it as a one-off investment in a static capability, you run the risk of exposing your organisation to compliance risks and having to perform a second full-scale implementation several years down the line. By running a Northdoor GDPR Programme Audit on a regular basis, you can ensure that your programme keeps pace with the changing world in an economical way.

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