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6th February 2018BlogAJ Thompson

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Do you need a DPO?

Under the new GDPR legislation, organisations in the following three categories must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO):

1.  Public authorities, including local councils

2.  Businesses systematically monitoring large numbers of people (this can include things like payroll, IT support, email marketing and location-tracking)

3.  Businesses processing sensitive personal data (related to ethic origin, political opinions, mental and physical health, and so on).

If your organisation falls into one of these groups, you may be finding it tricky to appoint the perfect person. Even though a recent government-sponsored survey suggested than half of UK organisations are not even aware of the May 25th GDPR deadline, other companies have clearly been snapping up the available talent.

If you are not sure whether you even need a DPO, Northdoor can help.

Based on a fast, low-cost GDPR Audit, we can determine your requirements and get you on track for compliance. And if you do need a DPO, we can show you how outsourcing this function will help you address compliance while minimising additional costs and maximising flexibility.

The right skills, right away

Our DPO as a Service offering for GDPR will assign an experienced Data Protection Officer to serve you as an independent expert.

This DPO will focus on the areas highlighted by Northdoor’s assessment of your current GDPR readiness and your required future state, providing the exact services you need to address compliance according to best practices.

Instead of struggling to find a sufficiently qualified DPO, and then paying them a full salary when you may only need them part-time, why not choose an annual service that will parachute in expert support precisely as and when you need it?

What’s more, your DPO will work within a framework established by Northdoor during initial discovery sessions, so both you and they will understand the goals and have measurable targets.

For more information on how Northdoor can solve your DPO challenge, click here to read the service outline or contact me.

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