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Focus on your priorities 

For all but the largest enterprises, investing in in-house support capabilities for all deployed technologies is likely to be economically unviable – and a distraction from core activities. With Northdoor Managed Services providing support for key systems, companies can improve their focus on the core business, secure in the knowledge that the underlying technology is monitored, maintained and protected.

Economies of scale

In-house technical staff must usually spread their focus thinly across multiple technologies, making it difficult to maintain deep skills. By contrast, Northdoor’s technical team members benefit from intensive experience across multiple client environments, backed by ongoing training and certification, enabling them to truly master their domains of expertise. Our economies of scale and expertise also enable Northdoor to eliminate clients’ concerns around holiday and sickness cover for key in-house staff, as well as reducing the direct costs of employment.

Choose the right level of service 

Northdoor’s managed IT services are grouped under two brands: ManageLine and ServiceLine. ManageLine offers proactive monitoring and full administration covering all aspects of support, assistance and best-practice advice. ServiceLine provides an external ITIL-compliant IT service desk that responds to technical queries and service requests for covered systems. In addition, Northdoor offers an established, proven support service ensuring that your business critical applications are maintained and enhanced by high calibre IT professionals with detailed knowledge of your systems. Find out more about ApplicationLine Support 

To find out more about Northdoor’s IT Managed Services offerings, read our overview guide.

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What We Do

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server empowers businesses to extract valuable insights from their data. However, managing and maintaining the underlying data repositories requires specialist technical skills. Northdoor has a dedicated SQL practice that offers a wealth of experience managing all supported versions and components of Microsoft SQL Server.

IBM Power Systems

Many mid-sized to large companies have IBM Power Systems servers and related storage technologies running alongside commodity hardware. These proprietary systems require specialist technical skills; particularly for smaller landscapes, it may not be economically viable to have dedicated full-time employees responsible for maintaining and managing them.

Microsoft Azure

As Microsoft’s cloud offering reaches maturity, more businesses are relying on Microsoft Azure as an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. However, choosing the most appropriate platform for each IT service you run, designing hybrid cloud environments, planning and executing the transformation projects, and maintaining the future services may stretch your existing internal capabilities beyond their limits.

IBM License Metric tool 

In a world where practically every aspect of managing an IT environment has increased in complexity, it may be difficult for smaller organisations to get the best possible value out of their investments in software. When it comes to IBM software, significant benefits are available to organisations that understand sub-capacity licensing – but ensuring the correct licensing and maintaining audit readiness can be challenging.

IBM Guardium

Investing in in-house support capabilities for all deployed technologies is likely to be economically unviable – and a distraction from the core business. Companies that wish to benefit from IBM Guardium can engage Northdoor to provide the technology as a fully managed service. Northdoor Managed Services for IBM Guardium provides access to expert monitoring and incident management within rigorous SLAs.

Data Protection Advisory Service 

Rapidly and cost-effectively access the required expertise for addressing GDPR compliance through a simple annual subscription.