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Northdoor is the only UK company awarded "Netezza Centre of Excellence".

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Protect your investment and keep critical systems in top condition

When vendor support for technology comes to an end, the smooth, reliable running of your business-critical systems may be at risk. It’s natural to have concerns about ongoing costs, the challenges of building up new skills internally, and the security and reliability of end-of-life hardware.

Following IBM’s announcement of the end-of-support (EOS) for three generations of its Netezza (a.k.a. IBM PureData System for Analytics) appliances, and with no IBM extended support on offer, is your business living on borrowed time?

Netezza Extended Support

Engage Northdoor today to provide expert extended support for your end-of-life Netezza appliances, and benefit from:

  • Working with the only UK company awarded “Netezza Centre of Excellence”.
  • We have 10+ years of building and supporting solutions based upon this excellent technology.
  • Peace of mind for business-critical systems.
  • Flexible cover and pricing options.
  • Rapid, tightly integrated incident response.

Northdoor Netezza Support Services: get a quote today

If you are concerned about ongoing support for your Netezza/PureData system(s), simply email us, complete the form here or call us on 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Drawing on three decades of experience helping UK blue-chip companies manage their critical data, and backed by our status as an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Northdoor can help you:

  • Determine the EOS date for each of your Netezza/PureData appliances
  • Plan a tailored extended support contract based on your specific business needs
  • Protect your investment and plan for future upgrade/replacement
  • Transfer vital day-to-day Netezza skills to your internal team.

Netezza Skimmer, Twinfin, and Striper models are already beyond EOS, and the clock is ticking for the Mako models. Contact Northdoor today for a free, no-obligation analysis of your existing environment and a quote for tailored extended support of your Netezza appliances.


Why you should choose Northdoor for Netezza extended support

Data analytics is an increasingly important contributor to competitive edge. To stay ahead of rivals and keep delivering vital insight to users, you need to keep your Netezza appliances in optimal condition. As one of the UK’s leading IBM Platinum Business Partners, Northdoor has the skills and experience to provide comprehensive support for all generations of Netezza/PureData appliances.

What’s more, our technical support services are always attuned to the needs of the business, and we have three decades of experience in helping organisations maximise the value of their data assets.

Whether you need software-only support, or full software/on-site hardware cover for your end-of-life Netezza appliances, Northdoor can help. Our flexible pricing model means that you can select the precise support conditions for each appliance depending on its value to your organisation. And because we integrate directly with your Netezza nzevent alert system, our support engineers can respond rapidly and effectively to any emerging issues.

Comprehensive support for Netezza/PureData appliances

Northdoor has the skills and experience to support, manage, maintain and optimize all models and generations of Netezza and PureData systems that have reached end-of-support. We offer:

  • Detailed information on Netezza end-of-support conditions and timings
  • Seamless remote Netezza software support
  • Full on-site Netezza hardware support
  • Tailored support contracts with flexible pricing
  • In-depth training of your internal support resources
  • Additional consulting on data warehouse and analytics optimisation.

Getting extended support to keep your Netezza systems in optimal condition is as easy as determining the level of cover you need for each system—from normal office hours right up to full 24/7 coverage. Northdoor can rapidly provide a flat-rate pricing quote for each system, reflecting its capacity and criticality (production or non-production).

The Northdoor support ticketing system integrates directly with your Netezza nzevent alerts, ensuring that emerging problems are immediately visible to our expert engineers.

For Netezza hardware support, Northdoor can source the right spare parts for your specific models, and provide training and remote assistance if you wish your own team to remain responsible for physical maintenance. Equally, Northdoor can provide detailed remote or on-site training for your own support resources on all aspects of Netezza/PureData hardware and software management, maintenance and optimisation.

Looking beyond Netezza

Extended support will naturally be a short- to medium-term option for most organisations; ultimately, you will be looking for a replacement for your existing Netezza system(s). With long experience in designing and delivering data warehousing and analytics solutions of all kinds, Northdoor can help your organisation plan for a future without Netezza/PureData. We offer comprehensive consulting services to help you plan the optimal future environment—whether on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid—backed by expert migration services.

Northdoor’s technical and business know-how means that our clients trust us to take care of their critical information assets, so that they can focus on core business issues.

Peace of mind with Northdoor extended support

For over 30 years, Northdoor has worked with blue-chip enterprises and leading public-sector organisations to protect and support mission-critical systems. Our consultants are certified experts in IBM Netezza/PureData technologies, and also have deep understanding of what businesses actually need from their analytics environments. We can pick where IBM leaves off with extended support for your Netezza/PureData appliances, and we can help you determine the best future path for your needs.

Northdoor has provided IBM technology solutions to more than 250 customers across all industries, and we have the people, skills and systems to protect your investment in Netezza/PureData.

Find out more about Northdoor extended support for Netezza and PureData appliances today, contact us today

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