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GDPR Programme

Cut the effort of staying GDPR-compliant

Now that your GDPR programme is in place, how is it performing? To what extent are compliance processes embedded in business-as-usual activities?

How much administrative effort is involved in addressing topics such as data discovery and Subject Access Requests, and how well can your programme scale without distracting key personnel from core activities?

To address these questions and enable organisations to comply with the GDPR in a rapid, efficient and highly effective manner, Northdoor offers a range of solutions designed to industrialise compliance.

Using technology-driven solutions, you can automate significant elements of your GDPR programme to gain greater assurance around compliance and ensure that your processes evolve over time.

A new beginning

For many organisations, the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 represented the culmination of months or years of internal effort to create a fit-for-purpose compliance programme. While it may be tempting to draw a line under this effort, the GDPR’s introduction should be seen more as a starting point than a conclusion. Now that the organisational structures are in place and the processes are defined, companies need to ensure that they execute their policies and best practices efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis. Recognising that both their organisations and the GDPR itself will continue to evolve, companies must continue to check for potential gaps in compliance and maintain internal assurance that their ongoing response to the legislation remains credible.

In plain English: you’ve implemented your GDPR programme; now what? Northdoor proposes the industrialisation of the GDPR compliance processes, embedding them in business-as-usual practices such that they become a near-invisible, highly automated machine that enables internal personnel to focus on core business issues.

industrialise gdpr

Eight Packaged GDPR Solutions

Here we outline eight packaged solutions from Northdoor designed to address the key challenges that organisations face in managing their ongoing response to the GDPR.

The solutions are designed to mesh together seamlessly, creating a comprehensive structure for assuring best practices with minimal organisational oversight.

And for organisations that are still struggling to get their initial GDPR programme off the ground, all is not lost: Northdoor also continues to offer the GDPR Quickstart Assessment Workshop and related solutions to get you up to speed.

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Packaged GDPR Solutions

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For organisations seeking assurance that their GDPR programme will continue to meet the ICO’s compliance requirements without consuming internal focus and resources, Northdoor offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for industrialising processes and embedding them in the day-to-day fabric of the business. If you have invested heavily in getting the appropriate GDPR programme in place, and want to be certain that you’re delivering effectively and efficiently, Northdoor can help.

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