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Cyber and Third Party Risk Management

Data protection obligations and legislation such as the GDPR require organisations to safeguard personal data. They also extend responsibility beyond the four walls and out to partner organisations.  If your company shares data with third parties—for example, for use in credit-risk scoring, market research or payroll activities – you retain joint responsibility for that data, and can be held jointly liable in the event of a breach.

Understanding data-protection and third-party risks is hard enough for internal systems. When external organisations come into the picture, each with their own partners, and their partners in turn, the resulting web of dependencies makes it even harder to understand exposure.

For many organisations, monitoring third-party compliance around the GDPR involves significant manual work in getting external partners to complete checklists. The time taken to gather and analyse the information typically makes this an annual exercise, potentially leaving you exposed to risk for months at a time.

To enable informed decisions and help your organisation operate securely in an open and collaborative digital world, the Northdoor Third-party Compliance Solution integrates third-party risk management into your enterprise risk management strategy.

Drawing on a comprehensive framework for identifying and managing digital risks, backed by machine-learning tools that can determine exposure across multiple degrees of relationships, the Northdoor solution automates compliance monitoring to provide an executive view of cyber risk in real time.

Structured approach to third-party risk compliance from Northdoor

With tens, hundreds or potentially even thousands of suppliers to deal with, many organisations are struggling to get to grips with managing their networks of Data Processors. To overcome this challenge, Northdoor proposes a structured approach to sustainable compliance, backed by an advanced machine-learning solution.

RiskXchange resolves these issues, providing a simple, automated, centralised approach that empowers organisations to conduct business securely in an open, collaborative, digital world.

As the de facto global standard for cyber risk score ratings, research and analysis, the RiskXchange solution uses powerful machine learning to map the enterprise’s ecosystem and determine the 360° cyber risk rating score and posture of multiple degrees of relationships to the prime enterprise.

Clear, informative dashboards show executives the risk position in real time, helping them make informed and measurable business risk decisions.

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Cyber Security RiskXchange Offer

Sign up today to receive your free cyber risk score and executive report plus a personalised demo on RiskXchange from Northdoor.

Award-winning security solution

Northdoor winner of Security Solution of the Year award

Winner – European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2021

Security Solution of the Year

Northdoor plc’s RiskXchange solution won Security Solution of the Year in the 2021 European IT & Software Excellence Awards.  RiskXchange was deployed on behalf of the Salvation Army to better manage and help combat third-party cyber security risk.

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European IT & Software Excellence Awards

We are proud to be finalist and recognised as “Highly Commended” in the Data, Information Management or Analytics Solution of the Year category at the prestigious European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2019 for our RiskXchange solution.

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G-Cloud 12 Framework Award

Northdoor has successfully achieved supplier status and can offer our compliance solutions to public sector organisations looking to manage their enterprise and third-party cyber risk exposure.

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Computing 2019 Security Excellence Awards 2019

Computing Security Excellence Awards 2019


Northdoor is thrilled to have been shortlisted in the prestigious Computing Security Excellence Awards, securing a place with its innovative risk management platform, RiskXchange.

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Cyber Risk Assessment of the UK Insurance Industry

Did you know that 75% of cyber insurance brokers and underwriters lack full visibility of their risk exposure?

Learn about the findings of the Cyber Risk Assessment of the UK insurance industry report.

The report includes seven key recommendations for improving your scores and securing your business against cyber risk.

cyber risk Assessment of the UK Insurance Industry report

Download the report here

Helping charities understand their cyber risks

Our report does not only highlight shortcomings; it also provides seven key recommendations to help you improve both risk management and data protection.

By sampling 200 UK charities of all types and sizes, we calculated a weighted average Cyber Risk Rating of 700 for the sector.

Take the first step towards a more secure future by reading the report today, then discover your own organisation’s level of exposure to cyber risk.

Download the report here

On-demand Webinar

Webinar: Cyber Security – Latest Trends, Threats and Risks June 2020

Join leading IT cyber security experts to learn about the key security threats to the insurance sector and what action can be taken to minimise the risk. Included will be an overview of a recent Cyber Risk Assessment of the UK Insurance Industry report which has revealed the key IT security vulnerabilities in the insurance sector; IBM’s X-Force IRIS team will discuss how one of the major threats, ransomware, is increasing in sophistication and what the insurers can do to mitigate the risk; and there will be insight from leading cyber security industry analyst, Fran Howarth from Bloor Research.

View the webinar now 

On-Demand Webinar

Insurance industry Cyber Security Consultant London

Cyber Security – Implications for the insurance industry

Hear from a panel of insurance professionals and thought leaders including KPMG, Chubb, QBE and Northdoor on a webinar topic of “Cyber Security – Implications for the Insurance Industry”.


  • Moderator: Will Pritchett, Partner, KPMG
  • Host: Les Wong, Head of Europe, The Digital Insurer
  • Speaker: Kyle Bryant, Regional Cyber Risk Manager for Europe, Chubb
  • Speaker: Michael Fitzgibbon, Chief Underwriting Officer, Slice
  • Speaker: Darren Craig, Managing Partner, Northdoor plc
  • Ted Stuckey Managing Director, QBE Ventures

Watch the webinar replay 

On-demand Webinar

Webinar: Meeting the challenges of your third-party GDPR processor  requirements

Under the new legislation, organisations bear a significant amount of responsibility for safeguarding information that they have shared with third parties. It’s one thing to control the risk of data leakage from internal systems, but quite another to be confident that your suppliers (and any companies they may choose to subcontract with) are taking just as much care.

If you’re struggling to determine your exposure to third-party data risk, and you missed our recent webinar with the Direct Marketing Association, find out about the Northdoor approach to compliance by reading our blog and watching our on-demand webinar.

View  DMA webinar now 

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