Northdoor GDPR Quick Start Assessment Workshop

Get up to speed on GDPR adoption with Northdoor

27th December 2017Blog

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Get up to speed on GDPR adoption with Northdoor

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018. To avoid potential fines of tens of millions of euros, companies must move quickly to understand the legislation and respond appropriately. Northdoor offers a quick-start workshop to help bring all relevant stakeholders up to speed and working together to achieve compliance before the deadline.

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The Northdoor GDPR Quick Start Assessment Workshop is a fully facilitated one-day workshop to initiate an internal review of your data protection practices. This expert-led workshop will guide you through the new regulation and help you launch a comprehensive response.

The workshop introduces the challenges and opportunities of the GDPR, highlights potential barriers and complexities within your organisation, and helps you understand how to overcome these obstacles.

Comprehensive coverage

Aimed at key stakeholders and senior management, the Quick Start Assessment Workshop covers the following topics:

  • GDPR overview and impact assessment tailored to your organisation
  • Data protection and privacy: risks, penalties and opportunities
  • Building a GDPR response programme, including an overview of assurance mechanisms, certifications, frameworks, and tools
  • Setting measurable objectives and key milestones to achieving and maintaining compliance.

On completing our one-day workshop, your senior stakeholders will have an improved understanding of data privacy issues and the requirements of the GDPR. Your organisation will have initiated a tailored GDPR project action plan, and started to develop processes for more effective decision-making around data usage.

To find out how Northdoor’s expert services around GDPR can help you achieve and maintain compliance rapidly, efficiently and at low cost, contact us to set up a workshop.

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