Northdoor – IBM New Collaboration for Cognitive Solutions

6th February 2017News

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A new collaboration with IBM for Cognitive Solutions.

February 2017, London

Northdoor plc, the award winning IT Consultancy, has announced a new collaboration with IBM for Cognitive Solutions.  This initiative provides cognitive solutions and services at a greatly reduced cost to the customer.

In an era of rapidly expanding data from an ever-increasing number of sources, we struggle to reveal the meaning that hides beneath the surface. Cognitive computing is key to understanding the hidden meaning in all data, regardless of source or form. The goal of the initiative is simple – our clients should be able to benefit from Cognitive Solutions that understand, reason, and learn; thereby improve operational decision making and optimise business processes. It sounds like heady stuff, but it’s all real and is available right now.

Northdoor will be providing Cognitive Solution Architecture, Deployment, Development and Supporting Services fully backed by IBM.  This initiative with IBM allows us to provide cost-effective solutions that no longer require “Enterprise Level” funding but can be justified for smaller departmental use cases.

This partnership provides recognition of Northdoor’s 27-year partnership with IBM, its knowledge of the Insurance Market and its investment in building the skills necessary to deliver Analytic Solutions.

Colin Lye, Practice Lead, Big Data and Analytics said: “We are delighted to be selected alongside six other Business Partners worldwide, to take part in this initiative. We believe that data can be the greatest asset that a business has and that effective use of data can provide business with a unique insight that gives it a competitive edge. Gaining trusted insight from unstructured data is the challenge facing business today.  Winners will thrive being better able to adapt, maximise revenues, optimise reserves and combat fraud.  Northdoor wants to partner your business in this challenge.”

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