Advanced analytics and cognitive computing for FSI organisations

24th August 2017BlogAJ Thompson

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Advanced analytics and cognitive computing for FSI organisations

The number of sophisticated high-profile fraud attacks is rising yearly and has most recently managed to bilk some of the world’s most sophisticated and tech-savvy companies out of tens of millions.

This fast-growing complexity within fraud prevention and compliance has made the analysis of massive datasets vital to devise new solutions to combat the evolving sophistication of today’s global cybercriminals.

Due to increasing pressure from new competitors within the financial services and insurance industry, organisations have been forced to adapt and streamline their operations in three key areas;

  • Simplifying engagement with the market
  • Improving expense ratios
  • Developing personalised policies that enhance customer engagement

FSI organisations also want to boost competitiveness by increasing automation in order to execute more business with current resources.

To address these requirements, Northdoor can help FSI organisations understand the immediate benefits of advanced analytics and automation solutions, and the future potential of AI and cognitive computing. With more than 5 years of experience in the London Market, Northdoor offer proven, practical approaches to deploying analytics and cognitive solutions that deliver rapid return on investment.

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out the author

Ricard Jefferies has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working with senior leaders across multiple industries, including insurance and the London Market. At global IT advisory firm





Gartner he set up and chaired the “Lloyds Market Forum” round table sessions for London Market CIOs; at international management consultancy 3gamma, he set up and chaired the “Leaders of Change Forum” round table sessions for executives responsible for change in medium-large enterprises; at Northdoor he set up and chairs the “Northdoor London Market Round Table” series for executives covering technology-driven transformation. Email Richard or call 07823 345 756

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