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Multi Vendor Maintenance (MVM)

One contract. One point of accountability.

Northdoor provides hardware and software maintenance for our clients’ entire IT environment, both inside and outside of the data centre, for over 30,000 IBM and non-IBM products.

Born out of the recognition that all clients have heterogeneous IT environments and all of it needs to be serviced and kept ‘always-on’, Northdoor Multi Vendor Maintenance (MVM) is an evolution of our long-term Technology Support Services (TSS) business.  Extending our traditional technology support services beyond the domain of IBM logo equipment provides a valuable service to our clients, is a logical extension of our world class delivery service and brings new business opportunity for TSS in a high growth market.

In this world of cloud, cognitive, big data and mobile – clients’ can be confident that their entire hybrid IT environment is protected and supported by the deep, trusted expertise of Northdoor.

backup as a service

The benefits of Multi Vendor Maintenance

  • One start date for multiple contracts
  • Dedicated support service team
  • Significantly less administration
  • Ensure continued support with no “missed” renewals
  • Benefit from volume purchasing arrangements


We can cover multiple product lines:

  • All IBM hardware, such as Power Systems Storage, and Tape.
  • All IBM software, such as Rational, WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2, and Cognos.
  • Other hardware, such as HP, Sun, and Cisco.
  • Other software, such as Oracle, VMware, and Microsoft.



“As well as ensuring the smooth migration of more than 100 websites to the Azure cloud, Northdoor refined and polished our architecture, and updated our software to the latest versions.”

Colin Robinson - Head of ICT, Best Western GB
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"Northdoor brought professionalism and commitment to Paragon’s Power Systems upgrade project, and made sure we got the job done.”

Alec Marsh - Change Director
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"Delivering better, faster insight is crucial to our survival. For the first time, we can now see the entire business picture on a real-time basis, helping us act quickly to seize new opportunities"

Rupert Gladstone - Head of IT
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"Thanks to Northdoor, Ghana International Bank now runs its business on an industry-leading solution"

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"Northdoor saw the opportunity to cut costs by updating the Citrix solution with new hardware and updated software, and cut license and administration costs into the bargain"

Mike Brown - UK IT Manager
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"Northdoor immediately impressed us with their professionalism, personal approach and technical skills"

Steve Phillips - IT Manager
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"With the SQL Server Server replication feature we’re confident that data can be accessed from any branch at any time. This is vital for operational efficiency, patient care, and customer convenience"

Kevin Morris - Senior Partner