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Data Storage Solutions for your business

Every minute, 1.7 megabytes of data is created for every person on the planet. All 7.3 billion of us. Combine this with the fact that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone and it is clear to see the challenge businesses face to efficiently store, access and use data is bigger than ever before.

Business leaders know that digital transformation is key, leveraging cloud, mobile, social and analytics to connect and engage with customers in more innovative ways but they have identifiable gaps. They don’t feel confident about their digital abilities to deliver, make informed decisions and innovate. For instance:

  • 60% of retail leaders we talk to don’t think they can deliver a personalised experience
  • 53% of leaders in healthcare say they aren’t confident in their decision making
  • 31% of leaders in insurance say their data’s not up to par in quality, accuracy or completeness, preventing their greater use of it.

Even the most digital of companies has a data gap to close.

At Northdoor, we help clients change the way they handle data storage, to enable this digital transformation – whether this is with on-premise storage, hybrid, or all-cloud. The links below provide further information on our key offerings.

On-Premise Storage Solutions

As data volumes continue to rise, and as users and applications demand ever faster access to data, businesses of all sizes face significant challenges. You must store certain types of data for set periods of time (as defined by regulations), keep the latest data accessible at high speed, protect data against loss, and ensure efficient management over time.

Software Defined Storage

The rising tide of data represents both an operational headache and a business opportunity. As ever more stringent regulations around data preservation and protection come into force, businesses must spend more time, effort and money on storage. But at the same time, much of the data you are gathering can be mined to deliver new insights and support better business decision-making.

Storage Utility Model

Today, data is being created in larger quantities, at a higher rate and in greater variety than ever before. Although progress has been made with cloud, flash and software-defined storage technologies, storage procurement remains a pain point for many organisations. It can be difficult to accurately forecast future storage needs—leaving IT teams scrambling to spin up additional storage or letting excess capacity sit idle. IBM offers a better way to procure storage capacity with the IBM Storage Utility Offering.

Revitalising Storage with Flash

Many organisations want to take greater advantage of the latest and greatest technologies—including flash storage—but are held back by the perceived negative impact of introducing yet another set of solutions. Through a software-defined approach to storage, organisations can confidently adopt the latest flash-based technologies for immediate business benefits, while prolonging the useful life of older storage technologies.

Read more about IBM FlashSystem Offering here

data storage solutions

Tape Systems

IBM invented the concept of magnetic tape computer storage back in 1952 and continues to lead the industry in tape innovation. Storage managers are asked to do more with less, reduce costs, maintain service level objectives and protect data to support business continuity goals. Tape can address most data backup, long term archive and data protection needs in a cost effective manner.

What We Do

  • Take time to understand our clients’ needs and future plans
  • Help our clients to drive more efficiency and performance from their IT estate
  • Design innovative solutions that match performance, growth and resiliency targets
  • Provide detailed performance analysis services to understand the benefit of adopting new technologies.
  • Provide a skilled implementation and ongoing operational management team
  • Put in place technology roadmaps to allow clients to plan and budget for future investment
  • Act as a trusted advisor and technology partner to our clients – a true enhancement to their IT teams

Who are we doing this for?

ABN Amro Clearing logo

Due to projected business growth in financial trades of over 200 percent ABN Amro needed a worldwide data replication solution for high availability of information to avoid any financial exposure in the event of a system failure. To achieve this Northdoor installed a highly resilient solution clustered over two sites: ” Northdoor knew our business and our strategy – they were the logical partner for this major international replication.” Pieter van Tol, CTO Europe


Northdoor plc_ IT consultancy for the retail sector

Northdoor plc: IT consultancy for the retail sector

Following significant business growth, a UK automotive distributor had systems that were creaking at the seams with some jobs running for almost 24 hours. Delivery time for products is critical to business performance so there was no appetite for any downtime. To solve this challenge, Northdoor installed and now manages a highly resilient solution clustered over two sites. As a result, response times have improved by over 400 percent, enabling the company to increase its business workload but still retain delivery objectives.

Technologies We Use

Northdoor are a Platinum IBM Business Partner with Speciality status in both IBM POWER and IBM Storage products.  In 2015, we have also been awarded the status of Centre of Technical Excellence for IBM hardware.  We also have strategic partnerships with VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and Veeam to complement our solutions.

With excellent depth of skills around IBM i, AIX and Linux operating systems along with storage sizing and configuration, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients deploy efficient and agile infrastructure solutions that can adapt to business needs