Software Asset Management (SAM)

Comply with software licensing conditions at all times

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Manage software licences, ownership, use and expiration efficiently

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of software applications within an organisation. Part of an organisation’s IT strategy, it aims to reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with inappropriate software deployment.

It is vitally important for companies to comply with software licensing conditions at all times. This is particularly the case for large organisations that need to redistribute software licences and efficiently manage any business or legal implications associated with software ownership, use and expiration.

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Integrated IBM Software Asset Management

Choose Northdoor to integrate IBM’s software asset management solution into your IT strategy, for a host of benefits including:

  • Improve cost savings and control over IT expenditure
  • Optimise investment and utilisation of your software assets
  • Mitigate risks associated with improper software deployment
  • Increase the efficiency and agility of your IT resources

Northdoor offers multiple SAM technologies to support key asset processes, including:

  • Software inventory tools
  • Licence management solutions
  • Software metering tools
  • Application control tools
  • Software deployment tools
  • Patch management tools
  • Request management tools
  • Product catalogue tools

Why Northdoor?

  • Northdoor is an accredited partner of IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, and we have extensive relationships with other software vendors. The breadth of our technical expertise and partnerships means that we can help you not only with a specific technology but across your entire software portfolio.
  • With more than 30 years of experience in IT consultancy, Northdoor focuses on delivering services and solutions aligned to each client’s business strategy and objectives. We bring a structured approach to advising and implementing a Software Asset Management plan based on each client’s specific business and IT environment.
    We also provide maintenance renewal or managed services where required, allowing you to focus on your strategic initiatives.
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