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Northdoor helps customers meet the challenge of GDPR compliance. One key step for organisations is the ability to accurately identify and classify their data in a manner that is compliant for the GDPR.  IBM has released a SaaS (Cloud) data protection security software called Guardium Analyzer that locates relevant personal and sensitive data in on-premises and cloud databases.

Guardium Analyzer allows customers to assess data vulnerabilities and provides a prioritised list of actions to remediate any potential breaches or areas of non-compliance.  Because it is a SaaS solution, Guardium Analyzer is fast to deploy and is not a burden on IT resources.

This is a crucial offering for organisations concerned about the GDPR- especially if they are in the data assessment phase of their journey towards compliance.  Plus, the solution offers a specific GDPR database risk assessment, provides a simple dashboard interface, is GDPR compliant and audit ready.

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IBM Security Guardium Analyzer will provide your business with:

  • Specific GDPR database risk assessment
  • Single view (dashboard) showing company data, where it is located, risk associated with it.
  • A GDPR compliant and audit ready solution with recommendations for remediation.
  • Streamline GDPR-related activities: Helps compliance managers, data managers and IT managers get the information they need, at the right level of detail, to collaborate efficiently.
  • A next-generation classification engine, which also powers IBM Watson offerings, searches data inside cloud and on-premises database tables, and vulnerability scanning uncovers current threats.

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Northdoor plc is an award-winning IBM Platinum Business Partner and has decades of experience in providing compliant data-management solutions to hundreds of blue-chip businesses. With expertise and multiple external credentials in cybersecurity, including access management controls, Northdoor has the skills to protect your business against data loss and exposure while supporting secure data sharing and to drive growth.

Terms and Conditions: Free 30-day trial
30-day free trial ends after 30 days.  Connect to a maximum of 3 databases. Supports on-prem and cloud databases, including Oracle, IBM db2, and Microsoft SQL Server. Windows OS needed for Data  Connector.  Support: IBM Support Community.  Please Note: Once you register 1) be sure to download the IBM Security Guardium Data Connector to a Windows-based server 2) ensure you have user-level access to the database(s) (DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server) you wish to connect and scan.

Find out how Guardium Analyzer helps organisations efficiently address GDPR-related data risk through data discovery, data classification, and vulnerability scanning

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