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Collect, organise and analyse business data across an all-in-one hybrid cloud platform with IBM Cloud Pak for Data from Northdoor

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Northdoor: approved IBM Cloud Pak integration partner

Data is fast becoming the primary source of competitive advantage. But when your valuable data is spread across numerous systems, both on-premises and in the cloud, it’s hard to access, manage and analyse. The result? High costs, slow projects, and limited business insight.

With an IBM Cloud Pak for Data solution, expertly designed and implemented by Northdoor, your organisation can centralise, simplify and unify the management and analysis of data. Deploy new data services rapidly, scale up easily as demand grows, and help your users get value from their data faster.

  • Enhance DataOps and accelerate AI
  • Simplify data management and analysis
  • Give users easy access to fast analytics tools
  • Automate pipelines so users can focus on insight, not data-preparation.

Supercharge your organisation with data analytics solutions from Northdoor

Delays in finding, preparing and analysing data can lead to costly lost opportunities. Your users want rapid access to performance dashboards, decision-making tools and advanced ‘what-if’ modelling.
With Northdoor as your solution partner, you can achieve this flexibly and cost-effectively.

Modernise your data through governed data virtualisation, which enables self-service access to data in real time, with tools for discovery, preparation, transformation and cataloguing at scale across all your data sources.

Introduce self-service analytics so that business users can access, visualise and analyse data at scale and at high speed, for faster and better decision-making.

Take control of data operations and meet your regulatory obligations with granular access-policy controls on all data sets, data preparation and quality-assurance tools, and detailed information on data lineage.

Introduce AI in new areas such as financial operations and customer care. Automate and integrate financial planning, sales forecasting and supply chain planning. Cut time-to-resolution, streamline customer journeys and boost customer satisfaction.

Automate the AI lifecycle from data preparation to model-building to at-scale management and governance. Help data scientists manage their data assets, detect possible bias and drift, and ensure model fairness.

What is IBM Cloud Pak for Data?

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a hyperconverged hybrid cloud platform that provides a preconfigured high-performance analytics environment. The solution helps organisations gather, prepare and analyse data of all types. It combines compute, storage, network and software into centrally managed plug-and-play nodes that offer rapid scalability. An on-premises deployment model keeps analytics next to core data resources for optimal performance, security and cost-efficiency. And with the ability to plug in cloud-based data sources, the solution offers the best of both worlds.

Find out more about Northdoor’s offerings around IBM Cloud Pak for Data by emailing:, by completing our contact form or by calling: 020 7448 8500.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data, expertly integrated by Northdoor: get professional advice today

In many organisations, analysts and data scientists spend more time finding and preparing data than actually analysing it. Take back control and gain faster insight with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, an all-in-one hybrid cloud platform for analytics. Northdoor offers deep consulting expertise to help you design, install, integrate, develop, support, and train users on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

With decades of experience in empowering blue-chip companies to transform data into competitive advantage, Northdoor can help you:

  • Consolidate and modernise your data resources
  • Design and deploy a ‘cloud-in-a-box’ analytics environment
  • Automate and accelerate analytics, for faster insight and better decision-making
  • Enforce data governance and security policies while facilitating access to data.

To learn more about how Northdoor can rationalise your data and make your IBM Cloud Pak for Data deployment a success, call us on 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Why Northdoor for IBM Cloud Pak Solutions?

With three decades of experience in data management and analytics, Northdoor can help you get more value, faster, from any analytics and big data projects. We can help you find, classify, rationalise and consolidate your existing data, and build powerful models and tools for analysing it. By working with you to automate your data pipelines and workflows, we can give your users rapid and easy access to competitive insight, while reducing manual effort and infrastructure costs.

As an IBM Platinum partner, Northdoor has the credentials you need to get the maximum value from your deployment of IBM Cloud Pak. And as the only UK company to hold the Netezza Centre of Excellence award, Northdoor can also help you deploy IBM Netezza Performance Server on the hyperconverged infrastructure for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, adding in-database analytics and hardware acceleration for the most challenging geospatial and machine-learning queries. This solution enables customers with end-of-life IBM PureData Systems appliances to seamlessly lift and shift their existing workloads to Cloud Pak for Data.

Work with Northdoor to:

  • Discover, integrate and optimise your existing data resources
  • Deploy plug-and-play hardware featuring an intuitive app store
  • Accelerate the creation and deployment of analytics models
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Nurture competitive advantage through rapid business insight.
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