IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer Efficiently identifies security and compliance risks
associated with GDPR-relevant data

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Data security is consistently identified as a top enterprise risk in today’s world

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer helps organisations efficiently address GDPR-related data risk through data discovery, data classification, and vulnerability scanning.

“Give me this product (IBM Security Guardium Analyser) and I’m sending it to every data protection officer. This is your calling card into any DPO’s office”  – Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst for Data Protection, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

Data protection is getting personal. Are you ready?

Many different business areas inside an organisation are impacted by GDPR requirements―from Data Privacy Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Data Risk Officers to compliance managers, data managers, IT managers, and more―and all of these groups are trying to determine how they can efficiently manage GDPR requirements while helping the business succeed.

IBM® Security Guardium® Analyzer, a software-as-a-service offering, can help compliance managers, data managers, and IT managers get started on the GDPR journey by locating GDPR-relevant personal data in on-premises and cloud databases; classifying it; identifying vulnerabilities, and helping users understand where to get started to try and minimise risk.

Find GDPR relevant data

A next-generation classification engine and pre-built data patterns help efficiently find and classify personal and sensitive personal data.

Data security is consistently identified as a top enterprise risk in today’s world. However, the complexity and volume of data has many organisations struggling with how to begin to manage this risk. The first step in implementing a data-centric approach to data security is to understand your organisation’s level of risk through the identification and prioritisation of sensitive information assets.

Guardium Analyzer scans and classifies GDPR data so users can see where it is located, what type of data it is, and whether it’s potentially exposed due to vulnerabilities.

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