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With long experience, preferred partner status and technical certifications for major public cloud providers, Northdoor can help you choose the right SaaS, PaaS or IaaS environment for your business needs. We also offer comprehensive managed services, enabling businesses to completely remove the administrative overhead of running a public cloud landscape.

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Public Cloud Architecture

Enterprises can choose from an enormous variety of public cloud services, and it can be hard to understand the pros and cons of each. Northdoor offers structured assessments to help companies analyse their existing capabilities, plot future requirements and map these to the appropriate resources in the cloud. This may be a case of simply replicating the existing architecture as closely as possible, but clients typically engage us to optimise systems as part of the migration process.

When determining the appropriate architecture for your business, we highlight the differences between on-premises and cloud versions of the same software. Typically, cloud-based offerings will be less feature-rich and may not support add-on functionality or customisation. Northdoor can help you weigh up the relative benefits of retaining a customised on-premises solution versus moving to a standardised platform in the public cloud.


The ease of firing up new services in the cloud can lead to spiralling costs. To ensure a sustainable and cost-effective cloud-based infrastructure, it is advisable to start off on the right foot by rationalising your architecture at the point of migration.

Northdoor can help you analyse your existing on-premises landscape and design a more compact architecture on the cloud, potentially taking advantage of modern approaches such as containerisation. In doing so, we can minimise the size and cost of the stack you need on the cloud, as well as integrating backup and recovery services. Simplification of your existing landscape can also increase portability, making it easier to move to a different cloud provider if desired.

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Migration to PaaS

A common target for enterprises is to reduce risk by eliminating the requirement to run multiple sets of hardware in-house, which also releases skilled staff resources to focus on other priorities.

By migrating to a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, you can certainly reduce your dependency on in-house skills and gain the benefit of seamless software updates. However, you will also move from a fixed-cost basis to variable monthly costs, and in an environment in which it is easy to lose control over expenditure. Likewise, moving to PaaS may involve some loss of capability, because cloud-based versions of software typically lack some of the features and adaptability of their on-premises counterparts.

Northdoor offers a rigorous methodology and proprietary tools to help you define your existing hardware and software assets and the flows of business information between them. We can then help you map these components to an equivalent platform in the cloud, perform a low-risk and non-disruptive migration, and support you as required on an ongoing basis.

Managed services

Northdoor offers a full spectrum of services around public cloud offerings: designing, deploying, operating and managing cloud environments on behalf of our clients. Our partner relationships with leading cloud vendors keep us informed about the latest technologies and ensure that we can evolve our clients’ environments so that they continue to deliver business value.

The skillsets around managed services have changed significantly in recent years, requiring solution providers to understand not only the technology but also patterns of expenditure.

As part of our managed services for public cloud, Northdoor monitors the use of resources and the charging mechanisms to ensure ongoing cost efficiency. In doing so, we help our clients to focus on their business imperatives, relying on us to keep critical services running and costs low. A typical element in increasing infrastructure efficiency is our use of Infrastructure as Code approaches to standardise and automate provisioning.

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