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What We Do

  • Help our clients to cope with the volume and velocity of this “big data”
  • Offer Company consultancy to help clients to work out gain insight from and achieve competitive advantage from big data
  • Put in place processes to ensure good governance over the data we currently understand and use, and the influx of new data sources of structured and unstructured data
  • Ensure that our clients can control access and security over this new data
  • Provide solutions which flexibly address the need for ever increasing volume
  • Provide the right Intelligence Analytics tools to allow experienced data analysts and data scientists to analyse data productively

Who are we doing this for?

Northdoor plc_IT consultancy for Insurance Sector

Large Multinational Insurer.  Our client was drowning under the volume of data from internal and external sources.  Utilising IBM PureData for Analytics we were able to revise their ETL processes and data analysis processes.

This capability has allowed the client to analyse the data that is critical to their business in seconds rather than hours and to refresh their source information in minutes rather than days.

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Large European Insurer.  This client has billions of data points resulting from sophisticated loss modelling processes.

Using a combination of HD insights and SQL server, we have put in place a process that secures this data and provides a fully tracked workflow to ensure that data lineage is tracked through every stage of the process.

This solution has significantly reduced the operational risk associated with major business decision being made on data which is either out of data or incorrect.

Technologies We Use

  • Microsoft Azure with HD Insights and SQL Server
  • IBM PureData for Analytics (Formerly Netezza)
  • IBM BigInsights
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server
  • IBM Watson Analytics and Explorer
  • Microsoft BI and IBM Cognos BI