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We provide IT Support, IT Managed Services and IT Outsourcing designed for clients with or without an expert IT support function in-house. Northdoor support a wide range of IT technologies from major vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP and VMware.

For clients without an expert IT support function in-house

We provide a fully managed IT service designed for clients who don’t have an expert IT team in-house. This lets our clients focus their energies on running their business with the peace of mind that they are receiving a world class managed IT service. We provide this service to small (less than 100 staff) and medium sized companies (hundreds of employees) across a range of sectors such as Property Companies, Media, Insurance and Professional Services. See our case studies for more information.

For clients with an expert IT support function in-house

We provide an IT Support Service designed for clients who have an expert IT team in-house. This lets our clients’ IT team focus on their core technology areas and provides IT support to them when required. This support may be reactive support when additional expertise or resource is required, or it may be fully managed IT services for selected systems.

Cloud Computing Services

Alongside the more traditional methods of delivering IT services to the business, Northdoor also offers a number of cloud computing services. If a new IT service is to be provided to the business, or the provision of an existing service reviewed, then a cloud service could be an option.

IT Project Delivery

We design and deliver a wide variety of IT projects for clients. These can range from technology specific projects, such as upgrading Microsoft Exchange to the latest version, through to large complex projects such as IT demergers where the provision of new systems and the migration of applications and data are required.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for more information.

We provide these IT services to a range of clients across different industries in London and across the UK, see our case studies for examples.

Northdoor support a wide range of IT technologies from major vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and VMware. We employ experienced IT consultants and use innovative tools to provide the best possible service to our clients. We work closely with our clients to tailor the most appropriate IT support solution to their business needs.

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IT Support Case Studies

“Northdoor filled us with confidence from the very first meeting and have continued to live up to and exceed our expectations.”
Pret A Manger
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“ManageLine from Northdoor delivers a reliable, stable database platform for key business systems - Paul Evans, IT Infrastructure Services Manager”
Fortis Bank UK
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“Northdoor takes care of all the technical issues around administering SQL databases, at an agreed price, allowing us to focus on customer service. Vivienne Smith, Flight Centre.”
Flight Centre
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“Without an expert onsite you really have to trust your supplier's advice. There are many who will recommend the most elaborate solution rather than the best one for your business. Northdoor have...”
First Counsel & Barbara Houghton Associates
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“The ManageLine contract gave us the cover we needed at a similar cost to maintaining our former in-house resource. The added benefit is that we now have a team looking after the SQL databases 52...”
A major London based Insurer
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“From a strategic stand-point, outsourcing to Northdoor enables us to focus on our property business. It also provides significant cost savings in both headcount and training, and reduces risk for...”
Capital & Regional plc
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“We made a strategic decision to move our disaster recovery environment to the cloud because of the tangible benefits. It gives us the scalability, flexibility and responsiveness that we need as an...”
Northdoor plc
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“The managed service from Northdoor gives us confidence that we can continue to exceed client expectations in the future. Working with Northdoor also ensures that we keep abreast of any technical...”
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“All their [Northdoor’s] consultants are extremely knowledgeable yet explain the benefits in a way that non-technical people can fully understand. William Cock - Director at First Counsel”
First Counsel
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“Northdoor came highly recommended from another company in our industry, and were able to fully support our hours of operation. Northdoor are big enough to offer the right level of cover and...”
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