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Disk Virtualisation

Make better use of existing storage without adding more complexity to the infrastructure with IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and IBM Storwize V7000. Ready for implementation once attached to your storage area network, SVC Storage Engines are based on proven IBM System x® server technology and are always deployed in redundant pairs.

Provisioning with SVC is achieved with software and thin provisioning and becomes an almost entirely automated function.  Support for VMware vCenter and vStorage APIs enables SVC to take on some storage-related tasks that were previously performed by VMware and is designed to support non-disruptive data migration between storage systems. Because SVC appears to servers as a single type of storage, virtual server provisioning is also simplified because only a single driver type is needed in server images, simplifying administration.

SVC functionality is also integrated into the IBM Storewize V7000.

Deduplication and Tape Virtualisation

IBM System Storage® virtual tape servers are designed to meet the disk-based data protection needs of the enterprise data center while enabling significant infrastructure cost reductions. IBM ProtecTIER Deduplication solutions, featuring revolutionary and patented HyperFactor® data deduplication technology, provide enterprise-class performance, scalability, and proven enterprise-level data integrity.

TS7650G ProtecTIER® Deduplication Gateway. Designed to meet the disk-based data protection needs of the enterprise data center while using a range of supported disk storage systems.

TS7650 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance. Designed to improve backup and recovery operations and is available in four preconfigured solutions ranging from 7TB, up to 36TB in a cluster.

TS7610 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance Express.  An integrated server and storage hardware platform and comprises a single 3u integrated appliance in 4TB and 5.4TB physical capacities.

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