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IBM FlashSystem solutions from Northdoor

As a expert-rated IBM Platinum Business Partner, Northdoor has the skills and experience to help business analyse their data storage requirements and deploy optimised hybrid solutions built on the latest IBM FlashSystem technologies.

Our storage solutions combine high performance and easy management to support growing business requirements cost-effectively.

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Combined, enhanced, simplified

Using the latest IBM FlashSystem technologies, Northdoor helps organisations simplify on-premises and hybrid multicloud storage.

With a unified set of software and tools, the IBM range of hybrid and all-flash storage arrays can meet all requirements large and small, combining exceptional performance and resilience with low management costs and easy scalability.


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Grow without disruption

Organisations must always plan and deploy additional storage capacity as business data grows. But a bigger source of cost and disruption emerges whenever you outgrow the limits of an entire storage system. Vendors have traditionally offered distinct families of products targeted at small, medium and enterprise requirements. Moving from one band to the next therefore usually means having to deploy and learn new management tools and approaches. And because many organisations have both company-wide and departmental storage, the smaller systems and tools typically remain in place even as new ones are deployed.

The IBM FlashSystem family is designed to eliminate these challenges, by providing a single range of storage solutions from SMB up to enterprise requirements. In addition to simplifying the purchasing and deployment of storage systems, the IBM approach provides a single, consistent storage-management tool for reduced costs in both training and operations.

Simplify your storage

The IBM FlashSystem family offers a genuinely cohesive experience, providing the same management software across the entire range. All the IBM systems also have the same physical form factor, making physical deployment and scaling much simpler too. With most organisations seeing significant ongoing growth in storage requirements, the ability of the IBM systems to simplify capacity planning in this way will remove obstacles to corporate expansion.

By using the IBM Spectrum Virtualize software that ships with every IBM FlashSystem array, organisations can virtualize and re-use storage systems from other vendors; IBM supports more than 500 different non-IBM devices. This can significantly simplify storage management by enabling you to manage all capacity as a single pool with a single set of tools.

Flash for all

Once the preserve of high-end mission-critical systems, the falling cost of flash storage has broadened its sweet spot significantly. Businesses of all sizes can now benefit from IBM Flash Storage to meet growing performance demands across their estate while simultaneously enhancing management and scalability. IBM’s mature portfolio of flash solutions fits a broad range of budgets, workloads and performance profiles.

All IBM FlashSystem solutions include IBM Storage Insights – a free, cloud-based tool that uses machine learning to sift through billions of data points from deployed systems all around the world, determine potential issues in each system, and provide proactive notifications. Another cloud element is IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud, which makes it easier than ever to build a hybrid multicloud storage environment. This can help increase the mobility of data – for example, enabling fast and seamless copies to a cloud container for backup or DevOps purposes. It can also provide an “airgap” as protection against ransomware attacks.

Navigating the options

IBM FlashSystem solutions offer numerous options, including ultra-low-latency Storage Class Memory (SCM) with some models, as well as different pricing models and renewal options. So while the range itself is simple and cohesive, there are still challenges in finding and procuring the right solution for your organisation’s needs.

Northdoor believes that companies will get the most value out of IBM FlashSystem by working with an experienced partner to select, configure and deploy the technology. We’ve helped blue-chip companies maximise the value of their business data for more than 30 years, and as an IBM Platinum Business Partner with the highest-level Expert rating from IBM Storage, we’re one of the most skilled solution providers in the UK.

Using a structured approach and proprietary methodologies, we analyse your infrastructure against current and future business requirements, then propose optimised hybrid architectures. We also offer a full spectrum of infrastructure services – from design to deployment, and from support to outsourced operations – while managing risk every step of the way.

IBM flashsystem

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