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Store IT

Store IT is our offering that helps our clients ensure their data is stored in an efficient and performant way.  Within Store IT we have 2 areas, our Cloud  specialism and our Systems and Storage specialism.  We can assist clients with Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hosted and on-premise solutions, or a combination of these.  Our consultancy led approach ensures our clients get the right solution for their needs.

Protect IT

Protect IT is our Security specialism.  We help clients to secure their data within their enterprise and also when shared with third parties, ensuring that clients can fully exploit their data asset without compromising their or their clients’ security.

Use IT

Use IT is all about exploiting the data asset to achieve competitive advantage. Within our Big Data and Analytics specialism, we provide the capability to gain genuine business insight over large data sets.  In our SQL and BI practice, we help our clients efficiently use their structured business data, and in our Collaboration and Productivity practice we provide solutions that manage the soft data with businesses and to manage the workflow that maintains this data.