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Tom Richards


Tom Richards
Systems and Storage Practice Lead
17 October 2017

Gain the power to reduce TCO and serve the business better

Fresh challenges and opportunities are constantly emerging in the digital economy, however disruptive competitors are appearing just as fast. To compete in this new world, enterprises need IT systems that offer high levels of flexibility, can generate rapid insight from large and fast-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data, and preserve optimal security – all within limited budgets. As experts in IBM Power Systems, Northdoor can help you refresh and upgrade your Power environment to make it fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow. With our help, you can boost efficiency and performance, and gear up to take on new workloads – all while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). As the first step, Northdoor offers a comprehensive assessment of your existing infrastructure, with clear recommendations on where to go next.

Obstacles of the digital era

We live in a time of disruption and the rapid transformation of entire industries. To succeed, you must turn oceans of data into insight that supports rapid, highly informed decision-making, so you need a platform that can ingest and analyse huge volumes of data at high speed. In parallel, the emergence of an always-on, customer-centric culture means that you also need to get better at the bread-and-butter tasks that underpin your current business.

The latest IBM Power Systems offerings deliver the performance, availability, security, big data, and consolidation capabilities that companies need to thrive in the digital economy. And Northdoor has the experience and technical expertise to help you choose and deploy the right new solutions for your requirements.

Driving greater performance and scalability

It’s no longer sufficient to maintain your current service levels – competitors can emerge from nowhere and sieze your market share by doing business better, faster, and at lower cost.

By taking advantage of the most recent generation Power Systems servers, you can gain the performance and scalability to tackle these challenges. They continue to deliver compelling benefits over x86 servers, with higher performance in a smaller, more cost-effective footprint. The IBM technology is designed to deliver exceptional performance with new open-source databases, giving the business the option of reducing costs and simplifying the creation of hybrid architectures.

Ensuring availability and reliability for business-critical workloads

As businesses’ online presence becomes more important and the need for minimial downtime to transcational systems increases, the number of worklaods they consider mission-critical grows. With the latest Power Systems servers, users can benefit from class-leading reliability, availability, and security, with the highest levels of protection for these essential systems.

Take a second to consider the cost of downtime to your business – both the tangible costs of missed sales and productivity and intangible price you pay in reputational damage. As well as enabling you to avoid the significant penalties of downtime, the latest Power servers offer reduced TCO, so you could reach full return on investment very rapidly.

New workloads and big data

To retain an edge over competitors – in partciular, “born-on-the-web” companies – enterprises must be able to absorb huge volumes of data at high speed, manipulate and understand that data, and then use advanced analytics to unlock its full business value.

Designed to meet this need, the latest Power Systems servers offer exceptional performance for analytics, machine-learning and cognitive workloads.

Why Northdoor?

Building on 30 years of experience in designing, delivering and managing infrastructure for blue-chip companies, Northdoor has the skills to help your organisation:

Backed by Northdoor’s design and implementation expertise, IBM Power Systems solutions can help your organisation flourish in the digital economy.


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