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Businesses across all industries face increasing demands from customers, stakeholders and regulators. Growing expectations for rapid, reliable and always-on services translate into shorter lead times and greater pressure on mission-critical IT systems. Already under tight budgetary constraints, IT departments must deliver service improvements, even as growing complexity pushes up a company’s expenditure.

The boom in web-based business software such as has given business units new options to bypass the internal IT function and the corporate data centre. While this may increase the speed of setting up new business services, it also introduces significant complexity, inconsistency and risk.

Recognising that the cloud computing model offers the flexibility, cost‑efficiency and rapid deployment they need, many CIOs are looking to adopt a cloud-first strategy. It is expected that 45 percent of total IT budget will be spent on cloud services by 2020.

Choosing cloud rather than on‑premises infrastructure can produce a 29% cost saving over three years.

Security, compliance, bandwidth constraints and technology performance expectations mean that most businesses need to maintain at least some on‑premises IT infrastructure. The challenge is to transform the existing infrastructure and extend it to the cloud so that it can respond seamlessly, rapidly and non-disruptively to the demands of new business services. Building a hybrid platform like Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing technology should provide greater capacity, performance and resilience at higher speeds and lower costs. It will also make it easier for your business to interact with its partners across the value chain.

To transform IT from a cost centre to a strategic asset that enables innovation, businesses are increasingly looking to cloud as the answer. But there are significant challenges in deciding on the right balance between on‑premises and cloud-based elements, designing the right architecture for current and future needs, and making the transition with minimal disruption, cost and risk.

 70% of businesses that migrate to the cloud report cost reductions, and 43% report increased sales/revenue.

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Cloud Consulting – What We Do

  • Carry out cost benefit assessments for clients considering cloud as an alternative
  • Help our clients to move from on-premise solutions to cloud or cloud hybrid solutions
  • Help our clients achieve cost effective backup and disaster recovery (DR) via the cloud
  • Design cloud infrastructure and services to achieve maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • Provide full service management for cloud based infrastructure and services
  • Help clients who want to remain ‘on-premise’ achieve some of the benefits of cloud by utilising virtualisation to achieve a ‘private cloud’

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Who Are We Doing This For?

Stace logo

Stace, a construction and property consultancy company with 170 staff in various locations, had a sprawling IT infrastructure which was failing to meet the demands of an expanding business. Outages and downtime were regular events and expert support was required to help the IT internal team form and deliver a new strategy for IT.

Northdoor completely re-architected the Citrix environment and introduce task-appropriate, virtualised infrastructure using an IBM storage solution and delivered much needed stability. Desktop and server environments were separated and given dedicated resources thereby increasing reliability. A disaster recovery service was designed and implemented and a managed services wrapper complements the in-house team to increase availability and user confidence.

Sanctions Checker logo

As part of our ‘practice what we preach’ principle Northdoor carried out an assessment to look at the cost and performance of moving our own SaaS solution, Sanction Checker, into the Microsoft Azure cloud.  As a result of this move we are able to offer greater performance, reliability, capacity and flexibility to over 30 customers that depend on this service on a day-to-day basis.

Cloud Computing Technologies

Northdoor is a Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold partner.  As an IBM premier partner we are also able to offer Softlayer solutions.  Our specialists also hold Citrix accreditation and are certified VMware Professionals in Data Centre Virtualization.

Northdoor was a Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Finalist for Cloud – Small and Medium Business (SMB) – for our Sanctions Checker solution delivered on Azure.  This award honours partners that have successfully scaled out their cloud practice to a profitable business.

As both Citrix and VMware partners, we can provide a full range of server and desktop virtualisation services both on premise and in the cloud.