First Counsel Migrates To A Cloud Based Email Server - DataCenter on Demand™

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 The Challenge

The challenge – finding a viable alternative to on-premise hardware.

First Counsel had aging hardware and found that the total cost of buying new hardware, licenses and migrating systems was a lot higher than a solution in the cloud. Historically, they we only using cloud computing for disaster recovery purposes and realised the natural next step was to add email.

“After looking around at our options, we found the cloud had become a viable option.” Debbie Coshell, Office Manager.

The Northdoor Solution

First Counsel moved their email over to a dedicated virtual server hosted on the DataCenter on Demand™ platform in the cloud. Running Microsoft Exchange 2012, the system included cloud-based data resiliency with automatic backups to the platform. This was then combined with the disaster recovery system that Northdoor had already built for the company.

Forming part of a two-tier DR solution, the virtual Exchange email server is automatically backed up to the cloud platform as well.


  • Improved email availability
  • A more scalable IT platform
  • A fast, flexible service
  • Significant savings and no need to worry about hardware depreciating

“The solution is flexible and provides us with scale, so we can ramp up as our business grows and we can decrease it if we need to.” William Cock, Director at First Counsel.

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