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Reduce the cost and complexity of protecting enterprise data with an intuitive, highly automated front-end for IBM Spectrum Protect software.

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Data backup – a growing challenge

Wherever enterprise data is generated, stored or used, it must be protected against corruption, loss or unauthorised access. In consequence, automated data backup is one of the most important applications in any enterprise, yet it rarely receives the attention it deserves. In many organisations, there are multiple different workload-specific backup solutions, each with their own management challenges, performance issues and skill-sets. This makes coordinating backup activities complex, costly and time-consuming.

As data becomes ever more critical to business processes, and as regulatory scrutiny increases, any lack of transparency and control in backup could leave your business dangerously exposed.

As new workloads emerge—including cloud-native applications—how will your existing backup regime rise to the challenge? How will you ensure that the appropriate policies are enforced across all systems, and how can you gain a clear view of backup success?

Universal, cloud-based solution

Hosted across 22 IBM Cloud data centres worldwide, Compass™ from Cobalt Iron:

  • Eliminates the cost and complexity challenges associated with enterprise backup by applying analytics, automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Consolidates control of all backup tasks into a single pane of glass that offers automated management and troubleshooting, backed by detailed reporting and alerts.
  • Automatically protects enterprise data, providing exceptional resiliency and security.
  • Uses IBM Spectrum Protect software to back up data from practically any platform – Linux, Windows, UNIX (including AIX), IBM i, IBM z/OS and more.
  • Provides an intuitive point-and-click interface that shields the user from the underlying complexity.
  • Replacing the need for in-house expertise in multiple backup applications, Compass™  dramatically reduces routine administration, using machine learning to troubleshoot and resolve common backup issues without human input.

Added value from Northdoor

As an authorised channel partner for Cobalt Iron, Northdoor helps enterprises deploy and configure Compass™, building on decades of experience in the use of IBM Spectrum Protect for enterprise backup and recovery. Northdoor also has extensive skills and experience in cloud migration, data protection and GDPR, enabling us to plan and execute the complete modernisation of existing data backup environments.

Recognised as a Centre of Technical Excellence for IBM Hardware, Northdoor has deep skills in supporting mission-critical environments on IBM i (OS/400), IBM AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems servers. We seamlessly integrate these environments into a single, enterprise-wide backup and recovery solution.

While Compass™ largely eliminates the need for deep expertise in managing on-premises data backup software, running a reliable, compliant, high-performance, multi-site data-protection environment requires skill. Northdoor offers packaged managed services around Compass™, enabling us to offer a complete backup-as-a-service (BUaaS) solution to enterprises. With Northdoor BUaaS, you can focus on your business objectives and production environments, trusting Northdoor to protect all your enterprise data according to the appropriate policies and controls.

Easy multi-site protection

Compass™ makes it easy for organisations to manage data-protection workloads across multiple data centres and any major public cloud, bringing both on-premises and cloud backup administration into a single point of control.

The solution uses IBM’s market-leading Spectrum Protect technology (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) under the covers. It dramatically reduces the product’s learning curve, removing any potential barriers to adoption by enterprises using other enterprise backup software.

In real-life scenarios, the AI-powered automation in Compass™ increases backup success rates to 99 percent—up from the typical average of 60 percentimproving data protection and cutting costs. The solution can reduce data-protection software costs by more than 40 percent, and being software-as-a-service means that Compass™ is always up to date.

Backup offerings from Northdoor

Benefit from Northdoor’s three decades of experience in architecting and running data-protection solutions for blue chip businesses. Read more

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Northdoor offers enterprise backup as a fully managed service, protecting critical data while freeing up in-house teams to focus on core business issues.

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