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The complete solution for insurance underwriting and administration

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Modular Insurance underwriting and administration solutions

The modular NdexInsure solution covers a comprehensive range of functions, including:

  • Policy administration: improve business processes, performance and compliance
  • Claims management: create, review and amend claims; manage workflow efficiently
  • Outward reinsurance (ORI): create and maintain ORI policies of any type
  • Financial ledgers: technical and cash ledgers to control and manage financial transactions
  • Portals: quick and efficient access to key data, enabling insurers to conduct more business faster
  • Rating engine: rate multiple lines of business through a configurable web application
  • Document repository: secure, web-based access to documents for internal users, partners and customers
  • Sanctions Checker: screen customers and prospects against international sanctions lists faster and with less effort
  • Document generator: construct PDF documents dynamically from standard data
  • Messaging: handle industry-standard messages, including ACORD and EDI for the London Market
  • Data warehouse: consolidate to a single controlled source of data for management information (MI)

With a solution development roadmap aligned to both industry trends and customer requirements, NdexInsure is in continuous evolution, helping you stay ahead of your competition.

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NdexInsure Modules


NdexInsure Analytics and AI

Emerging technologies can help you work faster and smarter. Northdoor is extending NdexInsure with advanced new capabilities to help clients sharpen their competitive edge.


NdexInsure Rating Engine

NdexInsure’s Rating Engine is a dynamic and configurable web service application that can be used to rate multiple lines of business.


NdexInsure Services and Consultancy

Building on decades of experience serving the London Market, Northdoor provides a full suite of services to help insurers design, deploy, manage and support NdexInsure.


NdexInsure Cloud

Start using NdexInsure almost instantly and on a pay-as-you-go basis; hit the ground running with low up-front costs.


NdexInsure Web Portal

Accelerate transactions, boost efficiency and improve data quality through an advanced web portal that connects you directly with coverholders, brokers, MGAs and IFAs.

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