NdexInsure Rating Engine

The integrated insurance solution for creating indicative quotations with referral alerts

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Underwriting rating and reporting software

Underwriters must provide their brokers with accurate quotations for business presented to them. A rating engine built using spreadsheets can allow an underwriter to produce an indicative quotation, including referral alerts, in a timely manner but can have a number of weaknesses.

Typically, making sure that the right people have the right spreadsheet, that brokers don’t make unauthorised changes and most importantly that everyone is using the same version of the model.

Northdoor has an application platform for providing these business critical services.

A more reliable Web Service Rating Engine

NdexInsure’s Rating Engine is a dynamic and configurable web service application that can be used to rate multiple lines of business.

This online engine has:

  • an XML-based interface allowing easy integration with other applications
  • support for many different rating methods and can include business rules for example to cover: discounts, adjustments and overrides
  • a built-in referral mechanism that can automatically mark items for underwriting or decline items
  • versioning of ratings that can be used to support mid-term adjustments as well as initial premium calculation

As a standalone web service, NdexInsure’s Rating Engine can integrate with your systems and with other NdexInsure modules, such as the Web Portal.

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