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Improve data governance and security

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Shorten iterative data testing cycles and accelerate time to market

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution enables you to archive historical transaction records from mission-critical database applications. Application data is safely relocated to a more secure archive, thereby helping to streamline the production database to help reduce processing overhead. The Optim Data Growth Solution can help you improve application performance and support data-retention compliance programmes and efforts to lower IT costs.

Create and manage realistic test data

IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management allows you to create realistic, right-sized test databases, edit data to force error and boundary conditions, and compare baseline data against successive test results to help pinpoint application errors that could otherwise go undetected.

By streamlining test data management processes, organisations can:

  • Improve their data quality
  • Optimise iterative testing tasks
  • Accelerate revenue generation

Safely and efficiently decommission applications

IBM InfoSphere Optim Solution for Application Retirement makes retiring legacy and redundant applications easier and safer by giving you the ability to archive data from decommissioned applications. It enables ongoing, application-independent access to the data for query and reporting. Thus, organisations can reduce costs and infrastructure complexity by safely retiring applications without having to move all data into new systems or keep retired systems available for access.

All-in-one licensing model

IBM InfoSphere Optim Archive Enterprise Edition enables organisations to purchase Optim Data Growth Solution, Optim Solution for Application Retirement, Optim Application Solutions, Optim Open Data Manager, and Optim Data Find together under a capacity-based licensing metric.

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