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Drive better business decisions in the Azure cloud with Northdoor

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How Microsoft Azure from Northdoor can deliver your Data Warehouse needs at scale and on a pay-per-use basis (Free Download).

Even in the age of Big Data, data warehouses remain an exceptional source of business value, helping decision-makers and analysts work smarter and faster. However, their reputation for being complex, expensive and inflexible is not entirely undeserved. Many organisations struggle to keep their data warehouses available, relevant and working fast enough to meet business needs – and cost is another major challenge.

Drive better business decisions in the Azure cloud with Northdoor

For companies looking to out-think their competitors without breaking the bank, Microsoft Azure Synapse is a cloud-based data warehouse that offers enterprise-class scalability, availability, performance and flexibility on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Choosing to run your data warehouses on Azure could help you achieve higher performance and availability at far lower cost, and scale up and down without any limitations.

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