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MSSP: Challenges of cyber security for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining effective cyber security measures. Cyber criminals frequently target these businesses, which often lack dedicated cyber security resources, making them more vulnerable to attacks. The growing complexity and scale of IT infrastructure and the adoption of remote work models during the COVID-19 pandemic have further increased the challenge of maintaining security across networks and devices.

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A patchwork approach is ineffective

Point solutions used in a patchwork approach to security leave gaps that attackers can exploit. A coordinated, holistic approach is necessary to provide effective protection. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) like Northdoor offer the expertise and technology to design, implement, and run appropriate security policies and technologies, allowing SMEs to focus on their business objectives.

MSSPs offer single-source protection

MSSPs offer a single-source service that protects critical data and systems, combining deep expertise in cyber security with world-class technology. This helps SMEs design, implement, run, and govern the appropriate security policies and technologies, extending them from their core systems all the way out to their ecosystems of partners and customers.

SMEs are common targets for cyber criminals

Though large, high-profile organizations often make headlines with their cyber attacks and data breaches, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are actually common targets for cyber criminals. These businesses are more likely to be successfully targeted by attackers than larger, better-protected enterprises. RiskRecon reports that data breaches at small businesses jumped by 152% in 2020-2021, more than double the rise in data breaches at larger companies over the same period.

A comprehensive approach to cyber security is vital

A piecemeal approach to cyber security will not provide adequate protection, given the current challenges and the fast pace of change. Business models that rely on digital capabilities are at risk of financial, reputational, and regulatory damage from disruptions to processes or data exposure. A comprehensive approach to cyber security is necessary, including close alignment between cyber security practices and the overall business strategy.

MSSP help SMEs take a holistic view

Managed security service providers like Northdoor can assist SMEs in taking a holistic view of their cyber security needs and in aligning their cyber security practices with their overall business strategy. These providers can also help SMEs navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats, including increasing regulatory scrutiny and compliance expectations. By using an MSSP, SMEs can focus on their business objectives while knowing that their critical data and systems are being protected.

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