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Lenovo BladeCenter is a highly integrated system comprising of blade servers, storage, management and networking options that help reduce management complexity, increase performance and energy-efficiency while significantly reducing costs with a highly reliable and flexible design that prevents the need for “rip and replace” as capacity needs change.

Today’s data center environment is tougher than ever. Organisations face the challenges of:

  • Reducing IT cost and complexity
  • Managing space requirements, power consumption and heat output
  • Increasing flexibility, utilization and manageability

So how do you manage the explosion of data and still reduce costs?

Lenovo BladeCenter has the flexibility and reliability you need to manage the massive – and growing – amounts of data that your systems are creating without adding complexity. The innovative, open BladeCenter design offers a true alternative to today’s sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. Migrate to the blade server solution that lets you do it all and reduce costs. You have nothing to lose but complexity.


  • Scalable, flexible building blocks
  • Integrate servers, networking, storage, & systems management
  • Integrate Linux, UNIX/IBM AIX, IBM i and Windows
  • 1-, 2- and 4-socket x86 and IBM POWER processor-based blade servers
  • Simplify management with a single point of control for the entire data center
  • Network with Virtual Fabric and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • Reduce power consumption with a high-efficiency system
  • Reduce space with high-density blades and cables with integrated switching


The BladeCenter chassis helps form your IT foundation and can be tailored to the different types of applications, environments and performance requirements you have in your business. Choice of chassis include chassis for data centers, stores or remote sites and non-traditional environments, so you can easily tailor a solution to meet your needs—just pick the right fit. With Lenovo BladeCenter, blade servers and switch modules can be seamlessly moved between chassis, giving you incredibly flexible, mix-and-match deployment choices.

  • BladeCenter S – All-in-one chassis with integrated, high-performance Storage Area Network (SAN) ideal for small offices and remote branch environments
  • BladeCenter H – High performance and high density chassis ideal for even the most demanding applications
  • BladeCenter E – Energy-efficient, high density chassis ideal for space and power constrained data centers

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